Check Out These Iconic Disney Swords

Fearless Raya Sword

After releasing the first animated movie, Disney became the symbol of premium family entertainment. As you already know, Disney movies are famous for showing the battle between good and evil and impressing the audience with good moral values. The weapons used in these movies play significant roles in making these battles realistic … Read more

In What Eras were Swords Commonly Worn?

Eras in which swords were common

Throughout history, swords have been an essential part of any warrior’s arsenal. The earliest known swords date back to about 5000 BC. They were made from bronze, and while they didn’t last long against stronger metals, they could still be deadly weapons. Swords have been used by humans for thousands of years. They … Read more

What Type of Swords did Medieval Knights Carry?

Types of swords carried by Medieval Knights

The sword is always at the center of any battle and medieval swords were no exception. The swords used in Medieval Times were primarily designed to be effective weapons in battle, but they also had a great deal of symbolic importance for many cultures. How did Medieval Knights carry their Swords? Medieval … Read more

Little Known Facts About Samurai Swords

A katana samurai sword that was popular in Japanese culture.

Samurai Swords have been popular among the fans for quite a long time. Many shows both, animated and non-animated, have added to the fame of the different types of samurai swords. The best part is that there are many conspiracy theories regarding them too, which make them more interesting. Here are a … Read more

An Introduction To Shobu Zukuri

a painting of two Japanese warriors, a battle between two Japanese warriors, holding a sword

Before the advent of guns, the sword controlled the battlefield. And, of all the dazzling swords in history, this one stands out. Japanese samurai swords were famous for their craftsmanship, which resulted in robust but flexible curved steel blades with a single, razor-sharp cutting edge. Many swords were lethal weapons and family … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Swords

person holding a samurai

From katanas to samurais, the presence of swords in almost every legend, story, movie, book, or game is a testament to how much they have saturated our fantasies. Most swords are truly remarkable. But when a hero demonstrates authentic swordsmanship using a majestic sword, you will be able to understand more why … Read more

Get to Know Prince Valiant and His Singing Sword

Prince Valiant wielding the Singing Sword

In several mythologies, fiction and legends, weapons such as magical swords had played a significant role in every hero’s story. These magical swords that possess a great magical ability are renowned swords that appeared in different nation’s folklore. However, in some traditions, the swords that the heroes have used don’t have powers … Read more

The Story Behind the Six-Fingered Sword from the Princess Bride

Princess Bride’s first edition cover

For those who wanted to relax and dive into a multi-genre book or film, The Princess Bride would probably suit your taste. It is a book published in the 1970s by an author named William Goldman. The Princess Bride packed up the elements, including comedy, romance, fantasy, drama, and fairytale all in … Read more

Introduction to the Sword of Kas from the World of Greyhawk

Greyhawk logo

The World of Greyhawk, or simply Greyhawk, is a world designed as a campaign setting for the fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons, and Dragons. Greyhawk is one of the D&D’s worlds that were developed by Gary Gygax. The Greyhawk world started as a simple dungeon under a castle. It was initially developed as … Read more

The Black Sword Stormbringer of Elric of Melniboné

Elric of Melniboné wielding the Stormbringer

Stormbringer is a magical sword that has been featured in a series of fantasy books written by author Michael Moorcock. Created by Chaos forces, it is described as a black sword covered by strange runes that are deeply engraved into its blade. This sword known as the Stormbringer is wielded by the … Read more

An Introduction to Final Fantasy’s Buster Sword

The cover art of the game, featuring Cloud Strife holding the Buster Sword

Swords are no doubt one of the most known weapons since ancient times, wherein people used them during wars, as well as to maintain peace and order in one nation.  Throughout the years, different countries made their versions of the sword to fit their combat styles, and this includes a variety of … Read more