Top Musical Acts Of The 1940s

Singer performing at a jazz concert

Music is the art of arranging the sounds in time through different elements such as timbre, rhythm, harmony, and melody. In human societies, it has been a universal cultural aspect. Music has changed over eras. Each era comes with a new music and band style. Talking about the music of the 1940s, … Read more

What Was the British Invasion and Its Impact on Pop Culture?

A record labeled 'The Beatles'

The British Invasion is not what it sounds like at first. It doesn’t have anything to do with wars, colonies, or the British Empire. The term ‘British Invasion’ actually means the mid-1960s musical movement consisted of several British rock and roll groups who became rapidly popular in the United States.  In New … Read more

Top Musical Acts of the 1930s

A person standing with a vintage boom box

A music record on a turntable:  Music has been evolving for several decades now, and each decade has its own role in shaping the industry as we know it today. The 1930s was an especially important year for music in the United States, as this was the time when several distinctly American … Read more

Artists Who Changed the Music Industry

lighted music room with musical instruments 

The music that we listen to today has come a long way. It has transformed in numerous ways and has been inspired by many creative artists who changed how the songs are recorded and performed. Music was not as easy to listen to in the previous years as it is now. With … Read more

How the Beatles Impacted Pop Music?

The Beatles Wall Art 

A discussion related to pop music and pop culture is always incomplete without mentioning The Beatles. The Beatles wasn’t just a rock band but a whole pop phenomenon that took over everything from magazine covers to dishes and could be seen on everything in the 60s. During the 60s, this English band … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Eurovision That You Didn’t Know

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the world’s most prestigious entertainment events. It began in 1956, and since then, it has launched the careers of many successful pop artists. Check out some of the interesting and fun facts about Eurovision that you might have never heard of before: 1) Eurovision started … Read more

Why Are Vinyl Records Making a Comeback?

vinyl records in flat-lay position

Many people will agree that there is no better time to be a music lover than now. People can now find various ways to enjoy listening to music. Digital formats and streaming services will remain the most popular way of getting and listening to music. However, a significant portion still prefers to … Read more

Jesse Neo Establishes Gemtracks While in Lockdown

Jesse Neo Gemtracks

Most people would recognize singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo, as the man behind a series of infectious electronic beats that have taken over nightclubs in his hometown of Australia, North America and Europe. However, we have just learned that during the ongoing pandemic, the Australian singer has been working on a … Read more

The Mystery Behind Music Impacting Your Mood

music influence

From ancient times to this new digital age we live in, music has always been a part of the human experience. Melody and emotions seem to go hand in hand. We all have been there, a worse day or a very happy one, you look for those best cheap headphones you bought … Read more

Top Musical Acts of the 1920s

antique gramophone

The 1920s marked the beginning of the modern music era. The recording music industry was at its embryonic stages, and several new technologies helped create the way music was produced and distributed. The gramophone had become more popular, and the previous acoustical recording process was replaced by electronic, which further improved sound … Read more

Covers Of Classics That Ended Up More Popular Than The Original

Covers Of Classics That Ended Up More Popular Than The Original

With so many budding musicians and seasoned professionals on the market currently, new songs are being released every day for aficionados and fans to enjoy. In some rare cases, these songs become iconic and are then an ingrained part of a national or even global cultural movement.  Often, when this happens, new … Read more

Famous Musicians Who Went Completely Broke

a closeup of a singer performing at a concert

The stories of celebrities going broke after earning fortunes are rampant in the entertainment industry. The filthy rich lifestyle and the sudden massive fame have tested many and numerous celebrities failed in maintaining their riches. There have also been several famous musicians that dropped from the heights of glory into the pits … Read more