Jack Boniface: The Shadowman

Shadowman (also known as Jack Boniface) is among the superheroes published and first appeared in comics. He debuted in Valiant…

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Invincible: The Extraterrestrial Superhero

The Invincible in Invincible comic #52 Invincible is not just your ordinary teenage superhero. He’s a half human-half alien species…

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Darkman: The Master of Disguise

We can’t deny the fact that comic books are one of the enjoyable past time back in the day and…

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Jessica Jones

2006, Marvel Comics –Jessica Jones Jessica Campbell Jones is one of the fictional heroes, published under Marvel Comics. Created by…

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Aquaman’s Character History: Now Explained!

His well-developed muscles, abs, and brawny figure there are so much more than these characteristics to love about the DC…

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The History of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is one of the most famous superheroes that debuted on All-Star Comics in the year 1941. It was…

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History of the Superman Comic Books and Character

Superman is one of the most renowned DC Superheroes of all time. Since his introduction in 1938, his blue uniform,…

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What Do You Mean the New Thor is a Woman?

  The shocking news of Thor’s “gender-swapping” Just very recently, Marvel Comics made quite a big and rather shocking announcement…

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