The Runaways

The Runaways is a superhero series published under Marvel Comics and created by Brian Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. This series follows a group of teenagers who discovered that their parents are part of an evil organization called The Pride. Although the series was canceled at issue eighteen in September 2004, Marvel revived it in 2005 due to the series’ high number of trade collection sales.

Who are The Runaways?

The Runaways was initially made up of six kids whose parents meet routinely for a charity event every year. On that particular day of the year, the kids spied their parents and discovered that they were part of a criminal group called “The Pride.” This group consists of mob bosses, dark wizards, mad scientists, telepathic mutants, and alien invaders. Subsequently, after the kid’s discovery, they also found out that each of them had inherited their parent’s superpowers. They teamed up as the group called “The Runaways” and steal their parent’s resources and weapons. The group then left their homes and went out on their own as they fight against their parents’ evil doings.

Alex Wilder

Alex Wilder, art by Jo Chen

Alex Wilder was the first character to be introduced in the series. He is the son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, the couple who controlled mafia gangs. In the series, Alex was the first to suggest the spying on a supposed charity organization of their parents. After witnessing the murder of an innocent girl, Alex is also the one who organized the group’s escape from their parents. During their escape, he had obtained the Yorkes’ magical book of the Pride’s history of past, present, and future deeds called ‘The Abstract.’ He and the other members of the Runaways stayed in a run-down mansion called “The Hostel.”

Alex Wilder has a high-level intelligence and is a skilled logician. He also has knowledge of magic, which he learned during his stay in hell. One time, Alex fused with a demon in order to use spells. After returning from the dead, he no longer needs to eat and sleep anymore.

Chase Stein

Chase Stein, art by Jo Chen

Chase Stein is the son of Victor and Janet Stein, the mad scientists. Chase was first seen taking a punch from his father, after being a dumb athlete and getting a straight C’s. When he saw his parents murdered an innocent girl, Chase wasn’t surprised, although he blames other kids’ parents for the murder. Following the murder, he discovered that his parents are scientists with various technological advancements. While going through his parent’s house, Chase steals the special x-ray glasses and the Fistigons, the strongest gloves in the world that is able to mold and conjure fire.

Later, when the Fistigons were destroyed, Chase acquired the role of a “getaway guy.” He gives the Runaway its first hideout, ‘the Hostel,’ and the group’s first transport, his white, unmarked van with stolen license plates. It was later revealed that Janet’s pregnancy with Chase encouraged the other Pride members to have kids on their own. The members were also prompted to give their kids an eternal life in order to continue the Pride’s legacy.

Gertrude Yorkes

Gertrude Yorkes with her dinosaur, Old Lace, art by Jo Chen

Gertrude Yorkes is the daughter of Dale and Stacey Yorkes, the Pride’s time-travelers. Gert is first seen screaming that she does not want to go to the Wilders’ annual charity organization. After she had witnessed her parents and other Pride members assassinate an innocent girl, Gert joins her squad to flee away from their houses. Despite seeing her parents murdered a girl, Gert was not surprised, claiming that she knew that her parents are villains from the start.

Sometimes referred to as “Gert” for short, Gertrude is considered the most book-smart but also the most cynical and sarcastic of all the Runaways. Gert also has a telepathic link to a dinosaur, which explains her relationship with Old Lace, the dinosaur. She is most notable for her glasses and violet-dyed hair. Also, she weighs 125 lb (57 kg.) at the height of approximately 5’1.

Karolina Dean

Karolina Dean, art by Chris Bachalo

Karolina Dean is the daughter of the famous Hollywood actor and actress, Frank and Leslie Dean. She is the only older Runaway who didn’t believe and witnessed the Pride’s murder act on an innocent girl. She denies the entire situation, not until she found out her real identity. After running away from their parents, Karolina obtained her parent’s last will and testament, bearing a Greek symbol, the Caduceus. Seeing that her bracelet bears the same symbol, Alex urged Karolina to take it off. However, Karolina conceded angrily, thinking that she only had that bracelet because of her allergy to penicillin. After taking off her bracelet, Karolina’s skin glows in a fluid rainbow-like light. The group then concludes that she is an alien and that her medic alert bracelet is to hide her powers.

Karolina is able to handle solar energy in her Majesdanian form. This solar energy is absorbed by her body to cause large concussive blasts, fine laser beams, and force fields that can stop gunfire and explosions. Like her parents, Karolina can also bind people in a vibrant circle. When in her Majesdanian for, Karolina has the ability to fly.

Molly Hayes

Molly Hayes, art by Adrian Alphona

Molly was the only mutant in the squad. Although her parents were mutant who has telepathicabilities, Molly has superhuman strength and invulnerability. Molly is friends with the other Runaways and was there when the Pride murdered a girl for their sacrifice. However, during the killing, Karolina escorted Molly away from the scene, while the other older kids watched it. After the five kids had discovered their powers, The Runaways rescued Molly from her home. During the first volume of the series, Molly was skeptical about her parents being accomplices on murder and is unsure why the squad ran away in the first place. However, Molly is very eager to become a superhero and subsequently takes the codename “Princess Powerful,” while the other members dub her “Bruiser.”

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru, art by Jo Chen

Every year, Nico’s parents went to a charity event along with the other five couples. When she and the other kids spied their parents, Nico had discovered that her parents were a dark wizard and witch. After witnessing the murder, Nico, along with the other Runaway members, left their homes. While escaping, Nico encountered her parents. Her mother thrust the Staff she’s holding on Nico’s chest, but Nico’s body absorbs it.

Dale Yorke’s Samurai then cut Nico, and the Staff re-emerged from her chest. Nico uses the word ‘freeze’ and made Stacey Yorkes stiff as ice. At this moment, it was revealed that Nico had inherited her parent’s witchcraft ability. After running off, Nico takes the name of Sister Grimm but eventually drops it after a while. When the team leader, Alex, emerges as a traitor, Nico is then accepted as the group leader.

The Runaways TV Series

The Runaways logo, 2017

Marvel’s The Runaways, is a TV series created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage for Hulu. The series is based on Marvel’s superhero team of the same name. It was produced by ABC Signature Studios, along with the Marvel Television, and Fake Empire Productions.The Runaways TV series stars RhenzyFeliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, and Allegra Acosta as the six teenagers who unite against their parents.

The first season of this series was released from November 21, 2017, to January 9, 2018. It was followed by the show’s second season, with thirteen episodes that were launched in December 2018. Subsequently, the third and final season of the Runaways series was released on December 13, 2019.