What Type of Beer is Made in the Philippinesd


If there is one unique thing you need to know about Filipino socialization, it’s their timeless love for drinking. Beer drinking in the Philippines has been embedded in the very fabric of the people’s culture that no occasion or holiday goes by without a beer case or two. For most Filipinos, beer … Read more

Famous War Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day


Do you have a rainy day coming up? If so, then there’s no better way to spend it than by watching one of these famous war movies. War is an integral part of history, and it can be very interesting to see how different people dealt with the same challenges during different … Read more

Beer Brand Filipinos Enjoy Most

Beer Brands Filipinos Enjoy Most

Celebrations in the Philippines won’t be complete without the best dishes in Filipino cuisine and, of course, inuman (Filipino terms for drinking sessions)! Apart from being an eating nation, Filipinos are renowned as strong and hard drinkers. Whether it’s a weekend gathering with friends, birthday parties, graduation parties, or small and big town fiestas, … Read more

Craft Beer Made in the Philippines

Craft Beer Made in the Philippines

Craft beers are produced by small-scale breweries that are independently-run in the traditional or non-mechanized way. They are also called gourmet, specialty, or artisan beers. These breweries focus on the overall quality and richness of the flavor, unlike mass-produced beers by larger and mainstream breweries. The craft beer community has been brewing … Read more

Who were the 1920s flappers?

flapper girl in mardi gras

The term “flappers” refers to young ladies who partied, danced, smoked, and drank alcohol that was not allowed during the Roaring Twenties. They also bobbed their hair and wore short skirts. She was the rebellious, unruly girl who attracted ire everywhere she went. The flapper, known for her carefree demeanor and raucous … Read more

Who is Ilya Salkind?

superman flying 

Ilya Salkind, an executive producer, never would have imagined that his comic book hero from infancy would ultimately shape his career. When he was offered the chance to direct “Superman” for the first time on the big screen, he was 31 years old. This was the 1978 smash that made Christopher Reeve … Read more

Popular Dances During the Roaring 20s


Dance is a performing art form composed of sequences of movements that are either chosen on purpose or improvised accordingly. The movements in dance have symbolic and aesthetic value. Also, dance can be described and categorized by its choreography, historical period, the repertoire of movements, and place of origin. Today, organized dance … Read more

What is the history of the South Korean Film Industry?


Korean pop culture is making global waves, with Korean cuisine, skincare products, TV shows, and music now becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Chances you’ve also seen or heard about Train To Busan or the award-winning film Parasite that bagged 4 awards in the Oscars in 2019, giving South Korea big international recognition. But … Read more

What Were the Styles of Cocktail Dresses During the 1920s?


Newfound concepts of independence and a rejection of the Edwardian matronly ideal of respectable women brought about the new phenomenon of the “Drinking Woman” in the 1920s, who dared to enjoy cocktails in public settings. She appeared at exclusive cocktail soirees and clubs, and a short evening sheath replaced the cocktail dress … Read more

What made the Movie Dreamgirls so Successful?


Dreamgirls, which has received three Golden Globe Nominations and eight Academy Award nominations, has reignited interest in the girl groups of the 1960s and Motown Records. This Detroit-based firm became one of the most prominent labels of the era.  Basing itself on the 1981 stage production, this film follows an up-and-coming record … Read more

What Was the Roaring 20s?


The Roaring 20s, also known as the Roaring Twenties, is a period where the Western countries, primarily the United States, received economic prosperity that led to the invention and the prominence of several important devices and machines in human history. This period in the 1920s is also often referred to as the … Read more

How is Sleeping Portrayed in Pop Culture?

Sleep is a natural process in the body’s natural circadian rhythm (the cycle of mental and physical activities within a 24-hour period). It helps restore energy and promote recovery from physical or mental fatigue. Adequate sleep helps reduce stress, improve concentration, regulate mood and strengthen the immune system, so it also plays … Read more