Craft Beer Made in the Philippines

Craft beers are produced by small-scale breweries that are independently-run in the traditional or non-mechanized way. They are also called gourmet, specialty, or artisan beers. These breweries focus on the overall quality and richness of the flavor, unlike mass-produced beers by larger and mainstream breweries.

The craft beer community has been brewing its products nicely in recent years. Their products are reaching different pubs, bars, and shelves. In the Philippines, craft beer brings new alternatives that entice the taste of many Filipinos. In this article, we will learn more about craft beer made in the Philippines, and why you should try them when you visit the country.


Engkanto Brewery was founded in 2015. It produces fresh, flavorful craft beers made with all-natural ingredients. They refer to their beer as their labor of love. They offer five classic styles of beer. These include IPA, double IPA, lager, pale ale, and blonde ale. All of these have distinct taste and inviting aromas.

The name “Engkanto” came from the mythical environment creatures that are believed to guard natural creation. While it is a now-forgotten folklore, Engkanto tries to renew the magic of these spirits in the modern generation through its delicious, high-quality beers.

Nipa Brew

Nipa Brew opened in 2018. It enlivens their tagline, “Get ready to experience the spirit of adventure with every sip of Nipa Brew beers.” It’s established by a team that considers life to revolve around exploration and discovery.

The brewery offers an excellent selection of new craft beer flavors. These include the Drop Zone, Bliss Point, Sun Stoked, and Midnight Blur. It is also best to try their Tropical Haze for starters. It has a sweet, fruity taste, but not too much for it to transcend being a beer and go into a juice drink. You will surely find something creative and exciting once you try these beers.

Different beer flavors in a craft brewery

Baguio Craft Brewery

Some craft beers are worth traveling for. This is true, especially if it’s made in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City. It is Baguio City’s first and only craft brewery. It offers freshly brewed beer from 18 rotating taps.

Baguio Craft Brewery is owned by Christopher Ordas. He started his passion for brewing beer in his garage in Canada. He then expanded his knowledge by studying the German and West Coast styles of brewing in Munich, Prague, and San Diego.

Their beer brews are handcrafted using the local ingredients in Baguio. They do not use any adjuncts, preservatives, and other additives that mainstream beer drinkers are familiar with. This results in extraordinary, delicious beers. Their products can easily convert any beer drinker into a craft beer drinker.

Crazy Carabao

Crazy Carabao is a craft beer brand from Laguna, Philippines. The brand started with friends looking for a bit of excitement. They thought about creating a business from making craft beer. The brand is a pioneer in the craft beer industry in the Philippines. Their products are available in over 140 locations nationwide.

The craft beer brand offers a delectable array of craft beers. These include pale ale, golden ale, wheat beer, Indian pale ale, and pilsner. Whatever mood you have, they have something good to offer. One beer you shouldn’t miss is their Lapu-Lapu lager. It is a refreshing, crisp beer that is perfect to drink during the hot nights in the metro.

Bulul Brewery

Bulul Brewery started beer crafting in 2016. It is considered a newcomer in the industry. But they make some of the most distinctive beers in the Philippines at an affordable price. It is established in San Fernando, Pampanga in the Northern part of the country.

The name “Bulul” perfectly represents its place of origin. It refers to the wooden figure used to protect the native Igorots’ rice crop. Some of the best beers you can try from them include their pilsner and strong ale. They also offer unique brews called Martial Law and Tisay.

Craft beer neon sign

Joe’s Brew

Joe’s Brew beers are among the most popular craft beers you’d find in the city. The brewery was established by three siblings in 2014. They aimed to produce straightforward, great, and delicious craft beers.

One of the best beers they offer is the Sunsweeper pale ale, which is a medium-bodied beer with a strong caramel malt flavor, grapefruit undertones, and an orangey aroma. They also have the Soothsayer pale ale, which is a lighter and easy-to-drink craft beer. It has caramel malts and passionfruit and citrus aromas. Ladies may also enjoy their Sierra Madre beer. It has a soft fruit, floral notes, and sharp yet slight bitterness that makes the blend more exciting.

Katipunan Craft Ales

Katipunan Craft Ales was founded by four high school classmates who met in 1998. They established a brewery on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines. It was the same avenue where their Alma Mater, Ateneo High School, is located.

Their craft beers include both classic beer recipes with local flavor. They also have some seasonal masterpieces. Some of their beer variants include their flagship Indio Pale Ale, Dear Fred, Weizenberg, and 1 Porter Road. If you are looking for something different, you may try their Signal 1 Stout. It is a dark beer with a strong mocha latte flavor. What’s amazing is that it doesn’t have any coffee or chocolate in its ingredients.

Crows Craft Ales

Crows Craft Brewing and Distilling Co. is located in Quezon City, Philippines. It stays true to the ideals of craft beers, as it only produces limited batches to control and preserve the quality of their beers. It is indeed proud of its tagline, “not for everyone.” It chose to stay small and local, but continues to pursue creativity, passion, and excellence.

The brewery uses only four basic ingredients. These are yeast, hops, malt, and water. Their collection includes Crows Pale Ale, an entry-level beer for those who want to avoid intense bitterness, Mala Hierba (Bad Weed), which celebrates hops without going too much, and Carte Blanche, their elevated version of the Hefeweizen.

Colorful craft beer

Monkey Eagle

Monkey Eagle Brewery is located in Tagaytay City, Philippines. It produces world-class craft beers that are meant for Filipinos, but everyone can enjoy them. Their variants include Burning Mat Pale Ale, Blue Wheat Ale, Potion 28 IPA, Saison Farmhouse Ale, and General Luna, named after one of the Filipino heroes of the Filipino-American War.

Tagaytay City is only an hour and a half drive from the metro. But you can also find Monkey Eagle’s delicious craft beers in different bars in Manila.


Alamat Craft Brew is based in Quezon City, Philippines. It pays tribute to the traditional Philippine mythology, folklore and cryptozoology. This can be seen in every beer they produce. One example is their Kapre Smokey IPA, whose name was derived from the Philippine folklore’s tall, dark, muscular tree giant. They also have the Bangungot Oak-Aged Stout, whose name directly translates to a nightmare.

Some of the other beers they offer include the Bakunawa Duyog Stout, an ode to the mythical serpent-like dragon, and Balete Portal Ale, a reference to the haunted tree in the Philippines. As their catchphrase says, “There are myths to tell, and these beers to share.”


The Philippine craft beer industry is indeed vibrant. It has a lot of craft breweries striving to provide Filipinos and the world with exciting, incredibly delicious, and high-quality craft beers. The passion and creativity of these brewers radiate to every mug or bottle they offer. What’s great is that we can expect more as innovation and enthusiasm fuel them to produce even better craft beers for the people. When you visit the country, don’t forget to try the craft beers from different breweries. We hope this article helped you learn more about craft beer made in the Philippines.