Cannes Film Festival

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Cannes is a city situated on the French Riviera and is famous for being the playground of the rich and famous. It is replete with luxury hotels, beach resorts, fancy yachts, casinos, and restaurants. It is also a famous site for several conferences. So, as you can see, Cannes expertly combines business … Read more

Top 10 Famous Movie Quotes All-Time

Top 10 Famous Movie Quotes All-Time

A  good movie will take you to another level and will relax your mind. It will relieve your mind from all-day stress. The famous movie quotes will help you choose a day off from your busy routine and just sit back, enjoying a movie alone or with a group of friends. Some … Read more

Discontinued Oscar Categories


Like many other things, the Academy Awards, aka Oscars, has evolved over time. The changes in its set of categories reflect the continual changes in the techniques and trends in filmmaking, from the silent film era up to the millennium.  As a result of the ever-changing film landscape, a lot of Oscar … Read more