Who Is The Green Lantern And What Are His Powers?

The theatrical release poster of the movie Green Lantern in 2011

‘Green Lantern’ is technically not one person, but is the name given to a group of superheroes in an American comic book series by DC comics. These superheroes battle evil with the powers given to them through the use of some magical rings. The official name for this group is the Green Lantern … Read more

The Top 6 Movie Studios

The Top 6 Movie Studios

Picking out an excellent film to watch requires a lot of brainstorming and taxing time. However, the quality of the movie studio matters there as well. Now you must be wondering about trending movie studios today? The list below reflects 2021’s top performers and a brief explanation of why they remained relevant … Read more

History of the Republic Theatre, Now the New Victory Theater

The façade of the New Victory Theater

For more than a century, the New Victory Theater stood stoically along the ever-changing landscape of New York’s famous West 42nd Street. Built as a legitimate theatre known as the Theatre Republic in 1900, the architecture and design of the theatre heralded a new era when it comes to exhibition and showmanship. … Read more

History of the New Amsterdam Theater

The New Amsterdam Theater

New Amsterdam Theater is a piece of history – it’s one of the oldest surviving Broadway theaters in the Theater District of Manhattan, New York. Built-in 1903, the building was designed by the architecture firm of Henry Hertz and Hugh Tallant, who subsequently became great theater architects of the early 20th century. … Read more

What are the Oldest Broadway Theaters?

The New Amsterdam Theatre in Broadway

The Theater District in the heart of Manhattan is home to some of the world’s oldest and most iconic Broadway theaters. Costumed characters beckon to energetic crowds under the pulsing lights of digital billboards. Tourists and locals gather on a giant red staircase to buy tickets to Broadway shows running at the … Read more

Ultimate Guide to the Silver Screen Era

a cinema screen

At the present time, watching movies is one of the best pastime activities for many people. With the technology that we have today, it is very easy to watch movies. Aside from visiting theaters, we can watch movies at home via online streaming platforms, not just on televisions but as well as … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Broadway

Broadway, New York, USA

Broadway theater, or more popularly known as Broadway, pertains to the theatrical performances presented in the 41 professional theaters located in the Theater District and the Lincoln Center along Broadway, Midtown Manhattan, New York City. These places embody the highest commercial level of live theater in the English-speaking world.  The Theater District … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Silent Movies

silent movie actors

The mid-1890s to the late 1920s were known as the silent movie era. A silent movie is a film that has no synchronized recorded sound and no audible dialogue. Even though they convey narrative and emotion visually, different plot elements like era, setting, or key lines of dialogue may, when needed, be … Read more

What is the Netflix Effect?

a couple watching Netflix on their laptop

Netflix is a content and production corporation based in the United States, launched by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in 1997 in California. It is a subscription-based online streaming platform where you can find various movies and TV series. Each year, the rate of Netflix subscriptions accelerates by 10%. In 2021, about … Read more

Difference between Thor in Norse Mythology and Movies

An illustration of Thor’s battle against the giants, by Mårten Eskil Winge

Our favorite Marvel hero, Thor, is a character derived from Norse mythology’s god of lightning and thunder. He was the son of Jörõ and Odin. However, Norse mythology is quite a complex and intertwined belief system, and Marvel didn’t keep the character of Thor just like it was described in the mythology. … Read more