How to maximize player loyalty

Rant on Geeks and Nerds

Online platforms are constantly fighting for new customers, sometimes forgetting about existing ones. Retention of players is one of the main problems of online casinos. Of course, generous introductory offers are great; however, when the free spins and bonus money run out, gamblers usually leave, even if they could wager the bonuses … Read more

7 Shocking and Unexpected Truths of Sports Betting

7 Shocking and Unexpected Truths of Sports Betting

Sports betting can disclose a lot of new things to bettors when they start progressing from the beginner to winning level. Some of these things might not be shocking for you, but some of them are astonishing for you. Food verification (먹튀검증) websites are continuously working to find out all the fake … Read more

Poker Winning Hands

Poker Winning Hands

Poker is a game that people play with a standard 52 cards set. Poker is a lucky game that also has some ability. Poker Players place bets in poker based on their poker hand’s worth. A poker hands rank is the one for which you get paid. The least winning hand is … Read more

5 Facts About Kabaddi

5 Facts About Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of the most popular games and if you are a fan of the kabaddi fantasy app game. Then just for you, I am sharing the interesting facts about the kabaddi game. With this article, you get aware about the real facts of the kabaddi game So let’s start begins … Read more

Is playing Rummy online Safe and Secure?

Is playing Rummy online Safe and Secure

Do the protection of your assets, the legitimacy, and the legality of the rummy game online trouble you? We will answer all your questions. Rummy, especially Indian rummy, is embraced by almost everyone just above 18 in India. You can also practice to play rummy online, win money, and hone your rummy-playing … Read more

Why is casino availability increased during quarantine?

Why is casino availability increased during quarantine

A decade ago, no one thought that there would be a global pandemic. Not even the scientists and doctors would predict. Unfortunately, it affected many industries worldwide, including the casino industry. Online casinos had started experiencing rapid growth even before the pandemic. The rise of the pandemic pushed many people to join … Read more

10 Online Gambling Etiquette Tips You Need to Follow

10 Online Gambling Etiquette You Need to Follow

The advancement of technology has indeed changed a lot of industries in the world. One of the industries that it has largely affected is the casino business. Since most people today have their own internet connections at home, possibilities became endless, and this includes being able to play their favorite casino games … Read more