Fashion Trends Started by Celebrities

Since long, celebrities have been the ambassadors of style and fashion. One look at their attires and you get heaps of information regarding the prevailing fashion trends in the industry. Celebrities hire top-notch stylists and dress designers, hence, what they wear is always either an ongoing trend or an upcoming fad. However, the history of fashion has known celebrities who were the pioneers of certain trends. They were the starters of certain styles that went on to become iconic fashion trends.   Many celebrities have started sarouel trend and it was followed by many.

Famous stars and celebrities have massive fan followings. People love, adore and admire them. Fans try to follow and imitate the lifestyles of their favorite celebrities. Therefore, celebrities have the potential to become major trendsetters.

In this article, we are going to take an overview of a few trends that were started by celebrities.

Audrey Hepburn and Ballet Flats:

Apart from the groundbreaking ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ look, Audrey Hepburn is also known to have set another famous trend: The ballet flats. Paired with cropped slacks, the ballet flats experienced a revival at the hands of the gorgeous and stylish actress.  Audrey was known to be a style icon. Effortlessly, she managed to set the trend of cropped slimming pants worn over a pair of ballet flats. She was seen carrying this look in the 1954 classic, ‘Sabrina’.

After Audrey’s introduction of the slimming pants, they became a staple in many women’s wardrobe. It won’t be unrealistic to say that we have all owned one pair or another of the sleek and classy cigarette pants.

Jennifer Aniston and ‘The Rachel’ Haircut:

Remember the ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop and the six friends, snuggled up on the rust colored couch? Who doesn’t! Friends has been an iconic drama series of its time. To date, fame and success the ‘Friends’ series got has been irreplaceable. The comedy series got massive fan following and so did the characters of the drama.

Even though all the characters were unique and made a mark in their own way, Jennifer Aniston starring as ‘Rachel’ made a mark in style and fashion. Her layered haircut got so famous that it got named after her character, ’The Rachel’. After the series aired, many people and even other celebrities were seen sporting the stylish, choppy haircut.

Alexa Chung and Peter Pan Collars:

Who knew peter pan collars could look that cute and classy? Well, we have Alexa Chung to thank for bringing them back in vogue. Alexa Chung has often been present on the best-dressed celebrities list and is known to take her fashion inspirations from the vintage era. Rightfully so, the vintage era saw some really classy fashion trends that slowly died down.

Peter pan collars give the dresses a more girly and softer look. Alexa Chung’s bold personality paired with the cute peter-pan dresses makes a fashionably killing combination.

Gwen Stefani and White Sleeveless Tees:

a woman wearing a cropped halter top with blue jeans

Belly and arm exposing tees could have only been related to sports or the gym until Gwen Stefani hit the fashion scene. She effortlessly carried the cropped tops and turned it into a famous trend.

After ‘Don’t Speak’ topped the charts, sporty tanks became the new fad. Cropped halter tops were seen to be worn by many and Gwen Stefani was the one behind it.

Diana Keaton and Men Apparel:

a woman wearing maroon men’s suit with sunglasses and a bowler hat

Today, wearing men’s apparel is not a novelty for women. We often see female celebrities looking effortlessly chic in men’s wear. However, the trend was initiated by Diana Keaton in her classic movie, ‘Annie Hall’.

Loose slacks, collared shirts and a bowler hat was Annie’s wardrobe in the movie which came directly from Diana’s actual closet. It was then that low draped belts, collared shirts and ties became famous and were fearlessly adorned by many.

Jean Shrimpton and The Mini Skirt:

The Swinging Sixties was a decade of cultural revolution, driven by the youth, emphasizing modernity and fun. It was also the time when the model, Jean Shrimpton, wore a mini dress which lead to be a controversial incident of the 60s.

Jean Shrimpton was called ‘The Face of the 60s’. Even though the mini dress became controversial, it turned shorter hemlines and miniskirt into a new popular fashion. The mini-skirts became an iconic trend of the 60s and are still a famous fashion trend.

Rihanna and The Rapper Cap:

The owner of the recent well-known cosmetic line, Rihanna, has been in the fashion scene for long. She has been known to change her hair looks quite often, every time looking better than before. One trend that Rihanna initiated was flat-brimmed caps. With flat and sharp peaks, the rapper hats give a hint of her strong hip-hop roots. She has often been seen sporting the caps which later, went on to be adorned by many.

Nicole Richie and The McQueen Scarves:

We all know Nicole Richie from the 2000s reality TV show, ‘The Simple Life’. She starred in it with her best friend, Paris Hilton. However, Nicole Richie has transformed her style sense dramatically since that time.

Nicole Richie recently went boho. Her style statements included hippie dresses, torn jeans, and the famous skull scarves. Now, the Alexander McQueen scarves are not something that can easily be ignored. Hence, they have been adorned by many celebrities in the industry. However, the classy and bold skull scarves were worn by Nicole on various occasions, paired with several outfits that just made the McQueen scarves standout and an instant hit among the masses.

Olsen Twins and Boho Style:

The child stars from the family drama ‘Full House’ grew up to become well-known fashion icons. The Olsen twins are famous for their unique and eccentric fashion style. Their noticeable boho-inspired clothes attracted the attention of many people from inside and outside the movie industry. Long, oversized coats and uppers became the new trend owing to the Olsen twins.

Cara Delevingne and Bushy Eyebrows:

a woman wearing makeup with thick, hairy eyebrows

Bushy, overgrown eyebrows have been in and out of the fashion scene for quite some time. The overgrown eyebrow look gives the face a carefree and natural look. It has been a well-known trend for long; however, one celebrity responsible for bringing big eyebrows back in vogue is none other than the beautiful and stylish Cara Delevingne.

Vanessa Hudgens and Flower Crowns:

At the Coachella Music Festival in 2012, Vanessa Hudgens was seen carrying a pretty rosebud crown. In the times that followed, floral crowns became the new fashion fad. Vanessa Hudgens was seen flaunting floral headpieces at other events as well which indicated the actress loved wearing them. The public approved of this style and soon floral crowns were seen to be worn by many.

Jenna Lyons and The Sequins Dress:

a woman wearing a sequins mini dress with black high heels posing in front of a building

We have all been made to believe that the shiny sequins’ clothing is for the nighttime. However, Jenna Lyons, the J. Crew expert, busted this belief and initiated the trend of sequins to be worn in the daytime. According to Jenna, she wished to add a little sparkle to the fashion scene which over time had turned very boring. Pairing a simple white collared shirt with solid colored sequins, knee-lengthened skirt is an example of the kind of sequins attires Jenna successfully promoted.

Fashion is constantly evolving. People are regularly accepting and rejecting new trends daily. It is a hit or miss thing. Often, certain trends initiated by celebrities go entirely unnoticed and other times, they are turned into massive fashion successes. However, the above-mentioned trends have been classics during their times and are famous successful fashion trends started by celebrities.