Important Tips for Visiting Komodo Island

The Komodo dragons are the first thing that crosses the minds of many people whenever Indonesian Island is mentioned. While it’s true that the island is best known for the lizard-like reptiles, it has many other amazing attractions.

The most outstanding thing about the island is that nearly all its attractions naturally endowed. It’s not by chance that it was listed among the 7 wonders of nature. Other than the Komodo dragons, other attractions on the island include the Komodo National Park, the beautiful pink beaches, and a series of small islands that offer you incredible views.

Komodo is a great destination, it allows you to break away from the usual crowds that are the norm with city life. Here are tips that will help you plan the much-needed escape, away from everyone and everything.  You can also check Isla Mucura.

Getting To Komodo Island

If you are in Indonesia, getting to Komodo Island is relatively easy. The komodo airport that was opened up in 2015 provides a more convenient means of transport. Now, tourists can take direct flights from major airports in Bali or Jakarta and fly directly to Komodo airport, also known as Labuan Bajo Airport.

From the local airport, you can take a short taxi ride to Labuan Bajo. From this town, the holiday begins right away as you take an approximately two-hour boat ride to the Island.

Places To Stay In Komodo

The Komodo Island is home to Ayana Komodo Waecicu Beach Resort; a state of the art five-star hotel situated away from the hustle and bustle of Bali city. Here you can enjoy the quiet and cool as you watch the sun go down after a long day of adventure. This resort has close to 200 well-furnished guest rooms and an open view living space. Best of all is that you get to access world-class treatment at relatively affordable prices. This resort is not far from Komodo Airport.

Komodo’s Weather Patterns

Komodo climate is hot all year round. This is to say that you can make your visit at any time of the year. It also implies that good preparations for coping with the high temperatures are paramount. The island has a huge number of tourists from July through to August. The crowds tend to be manageable in the final months of the year, which is October to December.

Things to Do In Komodo

Watch Komodo Dragons

This is the most popular tourist attraction in Komodo. You will see plenty of these reptiles at the Komodo National Park which was set up with the core purpose of conserving the rare creatures. The national park which is now a UNESCO World heritage is home to over 5,000 Komodo dragons. The creatures are as dangerous as they appear and can run swiftly at a speed of approximately 12 miles per hour. It’s therefore important to follow the instructions of a guide while taking a tour around the Komodo National Park.

A Boat Trip to Komodo National Park

As mentioned above, this park is home to a rare kind of dragon-like lizards. But there’s more, the national park is made of several islands. Among the major islands are Komodo, Rinca and Padar. A boat trip around the park allows you to have an incredible view of all these three islands and the other small ones that make up the park.


Diving and snorkelling activities also help put Komodo on the map as a preferred tourist destination. The island boasts some of the finest dive sites for all level divers from across the world. There are more than 30 spots of such a kind. During the dive sessions, divers are able to see hundreds of flora and fauna species that thrive underwater. November and January are ideal months for scuba diving and even underwater photography. During these months, the visibility is better because the tides are calmer.

Red Corals and Signature Pink Beaches

The underwater corals around Komodo are red. When they wash away, they blend with the white sand to give rise to pink beaches that stretch at the coast of the Island. There are only six other such beaches in the entire world, so it’s really a sight to behold.