Why Is Computer Monitoring Software so Popular?

Some studies report that over 90% of businesses use some kind of monitoring equipment in the workplace. Whether it’s keycards, CCTV, monitoring software, network monitoring, call monitoring, and so on. You get the gist… For one reason or another, companies are heavily relying on these systems.

The question is why? Especially when it comes to computer monitoring software, because it’s been getting more and more attention lately.

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons this software enjoys such popularity, and we’ll explain them in a bit more detail soon:

  • Data security
  • Workload and team management
  • Ensuring productivity in remote teams

Data Security

The past few years were marked by major data breaches, and the introduction of new, stricter data security and privacy breaches. Most employers are afraid that their employees might steal sensitive data before leaving the company. Additionally, there are workers who aren’t very careful when browsing the internet, so they could download malicious software, and so on.

Some computer monitoring software allow employers to set up alerts when employees access certain files, download/upload large chunks of data, etc. Additionally, they scan emails, chat messages, USB drives to ensure there’s no malicious behaviour involved.

Monitoring software shouldn’t be your only security measure when it comes to company’s data. You should limit access only to the people who actually need access to that documentation. Furthermore, you should organize regular training sessions for employees about data privacy, breaches, proper use of the internet at work, etc.

Workload and Team Management

Most monitoring tools come equipped with time tracking software which is used to track time on tasks and projects. It can act as your project management tool. You’re able to add projects, tasks, and assign them to different teams and employees.

In your dashboard, you’ll see which employee is in charge of what, how far along are they, and what is yet to be done. This is very useful in case that you have a new project coming up, or that one of your employees is absent; since you can see who else can take over.

It’s also handy when it comes to tracking employees attendance, and time spent productively working. Overall, monitoring can be a powerful productivity tool which increases efficiency in the workplace.

Ensuring Productivity in Remote Teams

We’re betting here that you do have a remote team, or that a part of your company is working remotely just because almost every company does. Hiring remotely really gives you a lot of benefits, one of which is access to a huge talent pool. Think about it, you could hire anyone from anywhere to do the job.

Unfortunately, just because someone’s talented it doesn’t mean they’re productive or efficient. Which is why you should be using a computer monitoring software for your remote workforce as well.

The app can help you track their activities, time, and organize everyone’s payroll in a few simple clicks.

However, you should be careful when implementing such type of software. Labor laws, and privacy laws differ from country to country, so it would be best that you consult legal experts on the matter.

Wrap Up

These are just 3 main reasons to start using a tracking software. There are many more, and you should really test out a couple of options to get the real feel of the benefits.

It’s also important to note that monitoring tools can help you achieve some of the most important business goals like increasing profitability, enhancing productivity, etc.