Silent Screen Stars

Rudolph Valentino: A Silent Star Gone Too Soon

People from the world over end up in Hollywood some way or another, and some of them hit it big.…

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Mary Pickford: A Silent Movie Star

The beginning of cinema in the United States was with silent films, and many talented artists took the silent screen…

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A Brief Biography Of Buster Keaton: A Silent Star

The world of movies was not always equipped with high definition color images and surround sound audio as clear as…

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Louise Brooks: A Movie Star And Dancer

The silent era of films was an endearing one; much more innocent than today’s saturated market. That’s not to say…

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William S. Hart: The Silent Cowboy

Before the age of alien motherships and bullet-time combat scenes, there was the age of the old Western. The heart…

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Harold Lloyd: A Silent Screen Daredevil Comedian

It’s easy to forget in today’s world of intricately detailed animation that there was a much simpler time in the…

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Introduction to Greta Garbo: A Silent Screen Star

Academy Award and Honorary Oscar winner in 1955, Greta Garbo, was born in Stockholm in 1905. She went by the…

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Introduction to Lillian Gish: A Silent Screen Star

The First Lady of American Cinema, Lillian Gish, was a born superstar. She served the industry of film and theatre…

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Introduction to Max Linder: A Silent Screen Star

Gabriel-Maximilien Leuvielle, known as Max Linder, was a French actor, writer, comedian and screenwriter of the silent film era when…

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