What Jewelry Was Popular During The Silent Movie Era?


A powerful storyline, choice of characters, direction style, or a clever plot are primary factors that create a timeless movie. But, tiny details are something that the public oversees the most. The location of a shoot, backdrops, timings, and wardrobe add value to the famous scenes. Moreover, if a character fails to … Read more

Review On Silent Romance Movies


History of Silent Films If you’re scrolling through Facebook or other social media platform, you might already have come across a video of the famous Charlie Chaplin and his comedic silent sketches. Charlie Chaplin, a comedian, and filmmaker were also known as one of the most vital figures of film history. The … Read more

Why Did the Silent Film Industry Came to an End?


People today are blessed with entertainment of various forms and formats. You can quickly watch a movie directly on your laptop or widescreen and enjoy stunning high-definition visuals and sounds. Otherwise, you can listen to any music you like on your smartphone with only a few simple touches. It’s a privilege that … Read more

The Importance of Silent Movies


Back in the silent film era, most filmmakers did not have as many resources and technological advancements in today’s film. All they had was their creativity and imagination, which enabled them and other crew members to came up with different ways to shoot virtually impossible scenes. This is one of the reasons … Read more

What Was the Silent Movie Era?


The silent film era, which occurred from 1894 to 1929, is considered to be the starting point of the movie industry, as silent movies were considered to be the first films produced that bears similarities to the movies that we know today. Besides being the pioneers, many silent films in the late … Read more

Who Were the Famous Directors of the Silent Movie Era?

Who Were the Famous Directors of the Silent Movie Era?

The silent movie era was an interesting and important period in the film industry. Many filmmakers saw the potential of adding sounds and color to the limited features and resources of silent movies. These films motivated directors, producers, and filmmaking companies to improve technology and provide us the movies we watch today. … Read more

Rudolph Valentino: A Silent Star Gone Too Soon

Rudolph Valentino A Silent Star Gone Too Soon

People from the world over end up in Hollywood some way or another, and some of them hit it big. Some are known for their hysterical performances, while others are known for their portrayal of serious action on the big screen. Though the film industry has evolved immensely over the last century, … Read more

Mary Pickford: A Silent Movie Star

a head to shoulders portrait of Mary Pickford, facing front

The beginning of cinema in the United States was with silent films, and many talented artists took the silent screen to a new height with their exceptional performances. The whole story of the film had to be narrated by the artist’s expressions as there was no sound. It was a real show … Read more

A Brief Biography Of Buster Keaton: A Silent Star

Biography Of Buster Keaton

The world of movies was not always equipped with high definition color images and surround sound audio as clear as the chirping of birds on a Saturday morning. It took decades of technological progress and growth of the film industry before we got sound, and even more time before we got color. … Read more

Louise Brooks: A Movie Star And Dancer

Mary Louise Brooks circa 1926.

The silent era of films was an endearing one; much more innocent than today’s saturated market. That’s not to say today’s movies are bad, only that they lack that certain old-timey charm the classics have. When filmmaking was only beginning to evolve and people realized acting was an attractive alternative to theatre. … Read more

William S. Hart: The Silent Cowboy

Cover of “The Square Deal Man” featuring William S. Hart.

Before the age of alien motherships and bullet-time combat scenes, there was the age of the old Western. The heart pounding action in movies back then was all about train robberies, horse chases, and the suspense over who would get the first draw in a shootout in the center of town. Boots, … Read more

Harold Lloyd: A Silent Screen Daredevil Comedian

An iconic scene from the film “Safety Last!” where Harold Lloyd is seen hanging from a clock hand on top of a skyscraper.

It’s easy to forget in today’s world of intricately detailed animation that there was a much simpler time in the movie business. As with all industries, filmmaking didn’t just come into being equipped with top of the line CGI and refined storytelling. It evolved over decades as directors, producers, and actors all … Read more