Review On Silent Romance Movies

History of Silent Films

If you’re scrolling through Facebook or other social media platform, you might already have come across a video of the famous Charlie Chaplin and his comedic silent sketches. Charlie Chaplin, a comedian, and filmmaker were also known as one of the most vital figures of film history. The “Silent Era” ranged from 1894 to 1929, but the peak started in 1910 until the late 1920s. During those times, it was also considered to be filled with artistic innovation since a lot of known film movements of Classical Hollywood, French Impressionism, German Expressionism, and Soviet Montage primarily began in this period. One major feat that this era was also known for is that it started the art form that most 20th and 21st Century Filmmakers were using. The genre and style that we see today mostly came from the artistic roots of the past.

Silent Romance Movies

The 1920s were the time when the televised romance started. Directors, filmmakers, and alike were able to develop and enhance their skills with storytelling. Silent Romance movies in the past were so impactful that even without any vocabulary, Artists and Directors were still able to depict the meaning of the movie to their audience. In addition to the respectable storytelling, the film stars were as respectable and glamorous. Cinemas back then were filled with couples but mostly women, who are trying to enjoy a passionate movie night. It’s also the time when dream lovers came into place. People started searching for a movie-like relationship, thus raising their standards. One major thing we’ll notice in a Silent Romance or even any Silent Movie is the acting technique they are using. Actors and actresses emphasize their body language and facial expression to make sure that the audience will know and understand what is going on with the scene. The way they execute it does compensate for the lack of voice in the movie.

Well Known Silent Romance Movies

If you’re planning to check some good ‘ole classics, then here are some well-known Silent Romance movies in the past.

  • True Heart Susie – This one is about a rural romance of a fervent young woman to her village crush. She loves him so much that she made tons of sacrifices without him knowing.  Unfortunately, the guy is currently stuck in a dilemma; that’s why the girl needs to wait and see while he gets married to a woman who doesn’t know to do the simplest chores. This comical tragedy would surely have you blown away with their acting prowess.
  • Coeur Fidele – For those who enjoy a tragic, somehow forbidden love, wherein two lovers meet at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Marie and Jean are deeply in love with each other but was constantly parted from one another due to Marie being forced to marry another. Blood and violence continue to shed as long as they fight their way to be together again. The film theorist Jean Epstein mentioned that he planned the movie to be “so sober, so simple,  that it might approach the nobility and excellence of tragedy.”
  • Flesh and the Devil – European starred in this classic romance. This is about a love triangle between a mysterious woman named Felicitas, Leo, and Ulrich. When Felicitas’ affair with Leo suddenly disappears, she puts her attention on Leo’s best friend, Ulrich. This love triangle and friendship would surely put you on the edge of your seat. One reason that it made a huge impact on its audience is, the management, which is MGM, needed to shoot two different endings to make sure they can please the majority, if not everyone. This classic was directed by Clarence Brown.
  • Eternal Love – If you’re planning to watch a romantic film from the 1920s, you must always consider the movies of Ernst Lubitsch. This love story is about a hunter who falls in love with a local reverend’s niece. But with their love for each other comes with a lot of misunderstanding to the people around them, which unfortunately puts them against all odds. With the passion from one another, they did their best to be together at all costs.

Good ‘ole Classics are Gold

Film Industry already evolved throughout the years, but the Artistic roots from where it all came from are still very relevant today. The silent romance can be more aesthetically pleasing to some since it can convey more feelings without the use and vocabulary. So, make sure to appreciate the films we got today and where they came from.