How Many Different Hammers Has Thor Wielded?

When Thor first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was presented with Mjolnir, a legendary hammer that had been fashioned from the core of a star that was on its way out, to assist him in his fight against evil throughout the Nine Realms. This was the very first weapon that the character ever received in the comics, and it has since become inextricably linked with him. 

However, Thor is a character who has undergone a great deal of evolution throughout the course of his depiction in both the movies and the comics. In the film Thor: Ragnarok, the character suffers several setbacks, including the loss of his hammer, his eye, and a sizeable portion of his cape. Because of this, over the course of his existence, the God of Thunder has become proficient in the use of a wide variety of weapons. 

In addition to this, there are multiple incarnations of Thor, the God of Thunder, each of which wields a unique Mjolnir or an entirely different weapon altogether. The origins of some of his other gear can be traced back to Norse mythology, while others were conceived solely for the comics. The point to take away from this is that Thor is no slouch when it comes to wielding a varied arsenal of hammers and other types of weapons.

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1. MCU’s Mjolnir

It is common knowledge that the dwarves fashioned the magically powerful weapon known as Mjolnir from the core of a star that was on its way to extinction. When the hammer was first presented to Odin, he declared that only those who were deserving of the hammer could wield it and that whoever picked it up would have the power of Thor. 

Since that time, it has become synonymous with Thor and his signature weapon, both in the comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The fact that Mjolnir was so difficult to break was one of the things that contributed to its legendary status. Because of this, Thor could engage in combat with virtually any villain and destroy them. 

In addition to this, Thor could call Mjolnir back to his hand whenever he wanted, which gave him a significant advantage in combat. Mjolnir was also responsible for bestowing the power of flight upon Thor. When he lost the ability to use his hammer, he also lost the ability to use all of those powers.

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2. The Thunderstrike Hammer

There have been other people besides Thor Odinson who have assumed the responsibilities and powers of the God of Thunder. Another individual by the name of Eric Masterson was considered to be deserving to some degree as well. As a result of the fact that the name Thor was already in use, he was forced to settle for the name Thunderstrike and was given a weapon other than Mjolnir. 

On the other hand, another name for the weapon was Thunderstrike. Thunderstrike took the form of a mace and possessed abilities comparable to those of Mjolnir, even though it was not quite as powerful. After Eric Masterson passed away, his son received Thunderstrike as a token of the family’s commitment to carrying on the family business. 

As a way to commemorate Masterson’s passing after he had passed away, Thor engraved the phrase “The World Still Needs Heroes” on the side of the mace that he used to wield. In the movie “Thor: Ragnarok,” there is a passing allusion to the mace at one point.

3. The Stormbreaker

It wasn’t just Eric Masterson and Thor Odinson who were deserving of the power of thunder; there were others, too. On a different planet lived a Korbonite who was known by the name Beta Ray Bill. When he came across Mjolnir, he was astounded to discover that he was deserving of possessing it. However, Thor needed the hammer, and the two fought over who would get to keep it. In the end, the Asgardian prevailed. Because Beta Ray Bill believed that Mjolnir belonged to Thor, he did not take it. 

As a worthy Korbinite, Beta Ray Bill was able to prove himself worthy of wielding Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. In the future, Beta Ray Bill would engage in competition with Thor over the hammer, but he would eventually become one of Thor’s and Asgard’s allies. Additionally, Beta Ray Bill would eventually join the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Annihilators. Having said that, Odin was not prepared to let a character with such a high moral standing leave so quickly. He commanded the dwarves to forge a second hammer with characteristics comparable to those of Mjolnir. Bill was the recipient of what is commonly referred to as the Stormbreaker hammer, and he was also granted the abilities of Thor. Since that time, Thor has found Bill to be an extremely helpful ally.


Everyone is familiar with Thor because he is the one who earned the right to wield Mjolnir and acquired the abilities that came along with it. However, even in the comics, there were times when he did not deserve to wield the hammer. Jarnbjorn was the name of the axe that the Son of Odin used for a very long time before he ever got his hands on that legendary weapon. It was crafted by the dwarves, just like Mjolnir, but it did not possess the same level of strength as the hammer. 

Despite this, Jarnbjorn was a formidable opponent in the field of combat. It only needed a drop of Thor’s blood to be able to slice through celestial beings as easily as butter. Even though he stopped using it after he obtained Mjolnir, Thor eventually went back to the axe when he was unable to wield the hammer anymore. This item also appears to be the weapon that Marvel will adapt for use by Thor in the film Avengers: Infinity War.

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5. The Ultimate Mjolnir

The Mjolnir underwent some revisions in the Ultimate Universe so that it would be consistent with the new timeline. This time around, rather than the dwarves, Odin was the one who forged the hammer. It was conceived to bestow unfathomable power upon whoever wielded it, in addition to serving as the essential component for resurrecting Asgard after Ragnarok had finished destroying it. For Thor to be able to rebirth Mjolnir, the Ultimate version of the hammer was forged with a fragment of Asgard embedded in its metal.

In addition to that, the hammer in this version had a few extra surprises up its sleeve, which the version from 616 did not have. To begin, it was accessible to anyone and was not limited to only those who were deemed worthy to make use of it. At the same time, it didn’t make any sacrifices in terms of power to make up for it.

6. The Corrupted Mjolnir

Dormammu is widely considered to be among the most potent beings in the Marvel Universe. This fiery demon has been known to come to Earth in the past in an attempt to conquer it, but the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, has always been able to defeat him. This demon is the master of the dark arts and the Dark Dimension. On the other hand, there is a parallel universe in which Doctor Strange was ultimately victorious and Dormammu went on to rule the entire world. 

Because of this, there are alternate realities in which classic Marvel heroes have been tainted by Dormammu. One of them is Thor, who looks more like a beast than a native Asgardian would. On top of that, Mjolnir has been tainted by Dormammu’s dark magic, which has resulted in it having significantly more impressive mystical abilities than it did before. It goes far beyond what one would expect Mjolnir to be able to do in a normal situation.

7. Hammer of Thorion

When Marvel and DC decided to collaborate on a major crossover event, a new universe known as the Amalgam Universe came into existence as a result. In this version of events, characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics have merged to form new, unique hybrids. Combining iconic characters like Batman and Wolverine, for example, resulted in the creation of some truly remarkable hybrids. 

One of these hybrids consisted of Thor and Orion combined. Thorion, the resulting character, possessed the abilities of both DC’s New God and the God of Thunder simultaneously. Their preferred weapon was a modified version of Mjolnir that was endowed with the power of not only Thor but also Orion. Even though the hammer’s overall length was significantly less than that of Mjolnir, it was most likely considerably more powerful.

8. The Ultimate Mjolnir II

Following a period during which Thor practiced swinging a technological hammer, Odin eventually presented the Thor of the Ultimate Universe with the real deal. The wielder of this version of Mjolnir was granted incredible powers, the majority of which involved the ability to reduce challenges to a fine red mist, just like the wielder of the Mjolnir from the core universe. 

However, it did not have the enchantment of worthiness, nor did it have any other kind of enchantment that would prevent anyone else from lifting it. This resulted in a great deal of trouble, including instances in which the hammer was taken by adversaries and used against them, such as the extremely genocidal version of Magneto that exists in the Ultimate universe. 

The fact that it can be used by anyone, however, is another interesting facet of the weapon. When it eventually made its way to Earth-616, also known as the core Marvel universe, one of Thor’s closest Asgardian allies, Volstagg, used it. When he lifted it to defend Asgard, the honorable warrior who was definitely past his prime was not merely transformed into Thor; rather, he was transformed into a version of Thor known as War Thor who possessed an incredible amount of power. 

Unfortunately, that transformation also caused him to be prone to extremely violent rages, during which he attempted to destroy entire realms in the name of vengeance, and once he was separated from it, he was left in a comatose state. A significant investment is required to make use of a hammer that can also be used as an axe.

9. The Golden Hammer

After Mjolnir was destroyed, Thor continued to wield Jarnbjorn for a short period. To achieve this goal, Thor went to a dwarven blacksmith by the name of Screwbeard, the same dwarf who had fashioned his new prosthetic arm and requested that he create a new hammer for him. Unhappily, it didn’t work out quite as well as it did the first time, and that hammer broke on its first outing when Thor shattered it by hitting the unstoppable Juggernaut. Sadly, it didn’t work out quite as well as it did the first time. The good news is that Screwbeard had made a large number of backup hammers, and he teleported an entire arsenal to Thor.

Thor then used the combined power of these hammers to defeat the Juggernaut, as well as the Cyttorak cultists who were helping him. Eventually, he located one that could withstand some heavy use, and he used it to knock out one of the Juggernaut’s teeth before leaving. Although Screwbeard mentioned that one of the other destroyed hammers was called “Hulksmiter,” this one would have a similar title just waiting to be revealed, making it difficult to judge its true power. 

The Golden Hammer is still new enough that it hasn’t been named yet. Because it is crafted from a less pure form of Uru, it is highly unlikely that it will be able to withstand the test of time in the same manner as the original Mjolnir did.

10. The Hammer of Thorr

That title is being read by you appropriately. There is an alternate iteration of the Avengers team known as the Tyrant Avengers that exists on one of the other Earths. The name they give for their interpretation of Thor is Thorr. Instead of employing a version of Mjolnir that is restricted to being used by only those who are worthy, this hammer is restricted to being used by only those who are not worthy. 

Thorr’s hammer isn’t nearly as powerful as Mjolnir’s because it taps into a much larger pool of influence than Mjolnir does. Having said that, the unworthy hammer was left behind after the Tyrant Avengers were transported back to their home planet. Following the events of the storyline titled “Original Sin,” Thor was no longer qualified to wield Mjolnir. As a result of this, he decided that he would seek out Thorr’s unworthy hammer and attempt to lift it himself.

11. Deconsecrator Hammer

It is common knowledge that Loki, Thor’s brother, will use his magic to fool others and alter their outward appearance. A young man by the name of Jeffrey Fischer came up with one such creation. He envisioned him on the cover of his very first album and gave it life as a result. He eventually found himself trapped in a dream and was given the task of imagining someone who could save them. 

He came up with the Deconsecrator, who was in some way the vessel that Thor inhabited. During his transformation into the Deconsecrator, Thor’s hammer was also subjected to several modifications. The hammer did not significantly evolve in terms of the amount of power it possessed. Everything that set it apart from other creatures was unique to its outward appearance. To match the updated look of Thor, it got spikes added to it and took on a more aggressive appearance.

12. The Medieval Mjolnir

The Marvel Universe as we know it is not the only universe that exists within the pages of comic books. The universe in which Earth-616 is located is referred to as the Multiverse, and it is home to several different timelines. One of them was a Marvel Universe that had been frozen in time and was still operating in the Middle Ages. There was a being in this reality known as Kulan Gath who held the position of ruler over it. 

However, not everyone was a fan of his style of leadership, which led to a group known as the Exiles plotting to remove him from power. Gath, on the other hand, was not going to surrender without a fight. Mighty Thor himself served as one of his bodyguards, even though he looked more like a Viking than an Asgardian. In his grasp was a weapon that resembled Mjolnir. It had a slightly different appearance but appeared to perform the same functions. However, the Exiles were able to quickly kill Thor, which demonstrates that this iteration of Mjolnir was not as powerful as previous iterations.

13. The Zombie Hammer

The Marvel Universe was once infected with a zombie virus in a parallel universe’s version of events. Even though the heroes of the world banded together to stop the spread of the disease, it wasn’t long before every one of them was transformed into a carnivorous monster. This included the God of Thunder himself, who was one of the more dangerous zombies.

Also included in this category is everyone else. However, because he was now an undead zombie, he was no longer deserving of Mjolnir. Because of this, he needed to find another hammer to use in combat, and he went out and bought one. When this is taken into consideration, the zombie hammer is nowhere near as powerful as Mjolnir.

As a result of it not being restricted to only those who have proven their worthiness, its power is not even close to that of its predecessor. Zombie Thor remained a significant threat, even though he was not as powerful as he had been in the past.

There are many different interpretations of Thor, almost as many as there are realities, which says a lot about the character. There is a hammer for every Thor and even more than that. This legendary superhero weapon, more commonly known as Mjolnir, got its start when Norse mythology’s depictions of the real Thor served as an inspiration.