Jesse Neo Establishes Gemtracks While in Lockdown

Most people would recognize singer-songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo, as the man behind a series of infectious electronic beats that have taken over nightclubs in his hometown of Australia, North America and Europe.

However, we have just learned that during the ongoing pandemic, the Australian singer has been working on a secret online project, known as Gemtracks.

“Technology has been something I’ve been into since I was very young,” Jesse told us. “After getting into the music industry, I was shocked to see that alot of things were still being done manually, like keeping track of studio sessions and mixing music.”

Then suddenly the idea of Gemtracks hit Jesse out of nowhere.

“Why not create an online platform where anyone could buy and sell beats, book studios, hire producers and sessional musicians – and basically have the entire creative journey be completed virtually.”

Taking the idea as a calling from the universe, Gemtracks quickly became an online store where beats were being sold between $99 and $499 each. The fact that each beat can only be sold to one customer and that customer won’t need to pay royalty to the original composer made the deal extra enticing and justified the higher costs.

“As countries around the world went into lockdown, the number of hits to Gemtracks suddenly doubled and tripled,” the singer added. “Then producers began signing up. These included Pedro Alexander, Lucas Gold and Milana Leybovich, all of which have extensive experience in the music industry.”

Currently pop beats are selling the fastest, but EDM and rock beats are not far behind. There are also country and jazz beats. However, Jesse has rest assured that there are plenty of new beats and tracks being added each day.

“These few months have been a whirlwind,” Jesse continued. “I am now contacting studio owners to sign up so that when the pandemic is over, customers would be able to bring their beats to studios to sing over.”

Browsing through the website, we noticed besides being a marketplace, Gemtracks also has an educational section with guides targeted at musicians. The one that caught our eyes was an article about how to get into the music industry which included steps by steps on how to create a song and have it either released independently or through a record label. 

We asked what we can expect from Gemtracks in the future, Jesse was excited to spill the beans.

“I am currently working on a mobile app to go along with the website that will allow musicians around the world to connect and collaborate with each other on the go,” the Australian said. “It is still in the early stages, but things have been looking very good. I can’t wait until this pandemic is over so that I can start trialling it in public areas, like trains and stadiums.”

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You can also listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify.