The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Movie Lovers

We live in a beautiful world with a massive range of cultures. Thanks to the film industry, we can see different parts of it from the comfort of our homes. But, if you love to watch all those places on the screen, you must pay a visit there too.

If you are a movie enthusiast and a fan of traveling, then you should visit the following places.

1. London

This city is home to many beautiful travel spots. It has an infrastructure that provides the perfect environment for a movie shoot. You can appreciate the natural beauty of the city through a lot of movies. But, if you get the chance to visit this city, you will find it even more amazing in real life. The following are some places that you can visit during your trip to London:

Warner Brothers Studio Tour- The Making of Harry Potter

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you should definitely visit this magical location. It has captured the true essence of Hogwarts.

Explore the sets, look at all the effects that created the film series you love. It is, in fact, a piece of art. Everyone who finds Harry Potter magical should appreciate the movie set in real life too.

Cinema Museum

The Cinema Museum of London was once a workhouse where one of the world’s best silent actors, Charlie Chaplin, lived as a child. This place has stored all the magic of Hollywood. When you visit it, you will see a ton of pieces from your favorite movies. From famous furniture to small souvenirs, this place is inspired by your all-time favorite films.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand is packed with spectacular sceneries. It has always been an excellent location for movie shoots. Directors believe that it is a heaven on earth. From the amazing forests to lovely mountains, this place is indeed the best. Following are some movie locations that you can visit while you’re there:

Lord of the Rings Tour

Lord of the Rings Tour

When this movie was released, it left everyone in a state of shock. People could not believe that those locations can be real. Well, if you want to live in the magic of the movie, you should book a tour as soon as possible.

It is located in Hobbiton, which is only a short drive away from Rotorua. Book an appointment or explore it yourself (with a guide). Either way, you are bound to create the best memories of your life.

Nevis and Rees Valleys

Ever wondered where the beautiful spots featured in Mission Impossible Fallout are located? Well, you don’t have to look any further. 

The Nevis and Rees valleys offer some of the most spectacular views in the entire world. This place is not only great for movie lovers, but it is something that everyone would enjoy regardless of their interests.

3. California

The state of California has some of the best views. Along with that, it also holds a great history of Hollywood and has provided amazing spots for many movies. One of the must-go places of this state is:

Disney Museum Tour, San Francisco

It is needless to say that Disney changed the animation industry. It gifted us everything from realistic-looking characters to amazing graphics. But sadly, most of the old characters can’t be seen anywhere now.

Luckily, this family museum has stored the true essence of Walt Disney. It is a grand place, occupying 40,000 square feet of land in San Francisco. It features a theatre that is dedicated to special shows by Disney. Other than that, it is home to all the early drawings, music, and characters.

4. New York City

Thousands of movies have been shot in this city. From action-packed films to romantic movies, this New York has a perfect view for all. At some point in our lives, we all wish to appreciate the places that we otherwise only see on our television screens. If you are fond of New York and movies, then you should visit the following places there.

NYC TV and Movie Sites Tour

Since this city has been featured a lot on screen, there is a city tour dedicated explicitly to movie locations. It takes you through all the places that have been captured through the camera lens and featured on the big screen. Book the tour today and see the views that you loved in movies.

The tour guides will show you almost 60 spots that made it into the cinema world.

Coney Island

Who doesn’t love rides? And if the amusement park is a scene from of your favorite movie, then it’s definitely a win-win situation. This place has been featured in many movies, including Uptown girls, Brooklyn, and Men in Black 3.

Don’t forget to pay Coney Island a visit if you love these movies. 

5. Paris

It is no surprise that the city of love has been a great attraction for cinema enthusiasts. A lot of movies have captured the beauty of this serene city. From the beautiful buildings to amazing museums, it has everything to produce a good scene. Following are some spots that you can visit while you’re there.

Saint Sulpice Church

Are you a fan of The Da Vinci Code? Well, you will fall in love with this place that looks like it just got out from a movie scene. 

However, you may be disappointed to see that some little details of the movie do not exist in reality. Still, you will be astonished by the beautiful exterior and even more breathtaking interior of this building.

Galliera Museum (Palais Galliera)

This place was featured in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”. It is where a party was hosted for the lead role of the film. 

In reality, this museum is as wonderful as it looked on the screen. It is dedicated to the fashion industry. Here, you can appreciate different drawings and famous designs. It contains everything that helped the city to maintain its status as the hub of fashion.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is a nature packed state. It has some of the most amazing views in the entire world. The greenery this place offers has been featured in a lot of movies. Anyone who is into the world of movies will fall in love with the views of Hawaii. Following are the places that a movie lover should definitely visit:

Kualoa Ranch

This one is a 4000-acre cattle ranch owned by a local family. It has appeared in many famous movies like Jumanji, Jurassic World, and The First 50 Dates. It has the most beautiful backdrop settings. With the waterfall and greenery all around, you almost feel like you are in another world.

It is situated about 24 miles from Honolulu. If you plan on traveling there, don’t forget to visit all 3 valleys, which are, Kualoa Valley, Kaʻaʻawa Valley, and Hakipuʻu Valley.

Kauai Island

Every movie lover should visit this island at least once in his life. Commonly known as the Garden Isle, this island looks like something you can only dream of. This place has been featured in many movies like Jurassic World, Avatar, and Just Go with It. Anyone who loved this place on-screen will find it even more beautiful in real life.

7. Singapore

We cannot deny the fact that Singapore is one of the most spectacular countries. Its representation of the Asian culture is unparalleled. From the colorful streets to amazing views, this place is indeed breathtaking.

It has become a center of attention for the movie world since the shooting of Crazy Rich Asians took place there. In the movie, some amazing spots were shown in all their glory. One of the best places that you can visit is:

Newton Food Center

This place is not only a treat to your eyes but also provides delicious food for your stomach. In this food center, there are about 60 stalls with all kinds of Asian cuisine. It holds the true essence of street food culture. You can experience the whole vibe, just like your favorite stars did in the movie.


All the places mentioned above are some of the best spots worldwide for movie lovers. They have provided great backdrops for a number of movies. Most of us have admired all these locations through our screens, but, it’s about time to explore them in real life as well.