Introduction to the Sword of Kas from the World of Greyhawk

The World of Greyhawk, or simply Greyhawk, is a world designed as a campaign setting for the fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons, and Dragons. Greyhawk is one of the D&D’s worlds that were developed by Gary Gygax.

The Greyhawk world started as a simple dungeon under a castle. It was initially developed as an amusement for children and Gygax’s friends. However, it rapidly expanded. Soon afterward, Greyhawk had a complex, multi-layered dungeon environment. Then it had a nearby city until it subsequently turned into an entire world. In this campaign setting, a weapon called Sword of Kas can be found.

What is the Sword of Kas?

This weapon first appeared in the Original Dungeons and Dragons, Eldritch Wizardry. Also, the Sword of Kas has been one of the detailed artifacts in the D&D game. Aside from that, it was also the weapon that has gone through several updates. It also has been the item of quests in the adventure ‘Vecna Lives!’

The Sword of Kas was initially crafted by a powerful wizard named Vecna. It was a sword that was sometimes described as a short sword, greatsword, or longsword.Being magically honed, the Sword of Kas has the ability to enhance its wilder’s strength. Aside from that, the sword can also use to call lightning bolts and storm clouds. It also possesses an intelligent and murderous spirit.Subsequently, Kas the Bloody-Handed vampire, and Vecna’s lieutenant used it to destroy Vecna.

The History of the Sword of Kas

The history of the Bloody-Handed Kas was linked to Lord Vecna’s history. Earlier before Kas betrayed Vecna, he was Vecna’s, right-hand man. It was Vecna who created Kas’sword, crafted from a razor’s edge. As evil as its maker, the sword whispered dreams of betrayal to its wielder, Kas.

Eventually, using the sword, Kas confronted Vecna. The two fought each other, and both died in the end. All that remained were the sword, and Vecna’s left hand and eye. Afterward, Vecna had achieved godhood, where he becomes a member of D&D gods. Since then, Vecna’s symbol is an eye in the left hand’s palm.

The Abilities of the Sword of Kas

The Sword of Kas is a weapon that grants a +3 bonus to damage and attack made with the blade. It can score a critical hit on a roll of about 19 or 20. It also deals a 2d10 slashing damage to the undead. Furthermore, if the sword has been bathed with blood for about a minute after it was withdrawn on its sheath, the player must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw.

On a successful save, the player, wielding the sword, takes 3d6 psychic damage. However, on an unsuccessful save, the sword will dominate the wielder. The sword will then demands that it bathes in blood. Thus, the effect of the spell will end after the demand was fulfilled.In addition, the Sword of Kas has random properties including, one minor beneficial and detrimental property, and one major beneficial and detrimental property.

By wielding the Sword of Kas, you also add a d10 to your initiative at the beginning of every battle. As well as that, you can transfer its bonus attack on your armor class. The bonus effect then lasted until the start of your next attack. Moreover, you can also call lightning, divine word, or finger of death, given that you are wielding the sword.However, once you used the blade to cast a spell, you cannot use that spell again until the next dawn.As it was mentioned, the Sword of Kas has intelligence and evil spirit. It also has a darkvision and hearing of about two range of 120 feet.The weapon has the ability to read, speak, and communicate to its wielder.

Initially, as it has an evil spirit, its purpose is to destroy its creator, Vecna. Furthermore, killing the worshippers of Vecna, foiling his machinations, and destroying the works of the lich will help the sword fulfill its goal. This blade also aims to kill anyone who is corrupted by the Eye and Hand of Vecna.