Check Out These Iconic Disney Swords

After releasing the first animated movie, Disney became the symbol of premium family entertainment. As you already know, Disney movies are famous for showing the battle between good and evil and impressing the audience with good moral values. The weapons used in these movies play significant roles in making these battles realistic and explicit.

The graphic creators of these movies have put a lot of effort into creating great swords ranging from normal to magical ones. These swords have already succeeded in occupying the spotlight, and you can find a variety of swords, from sabers and longswords to rapiers and daggers in Disney movies.

Whether exerted by heroes or villains, these iconic swords can be seen as the symbol of power or protector of character; you know the fascination of these weapons is accurate. But, can you tell the names of some spellbound swords? Check out these iconic Disney swords and find your favorite sword below:

Top 10 Iconic Disney Swords 

1. Fa Zhou’s Sword (Mulan)

Mulan is one of the greatest movies of Disney with a great message. Mulan played the role of a brave girl who saved her father’s honor by fighting with the Hun army. Her father had a sword with words brave, loyal, and true crafted on it, which she stole and ran away.

Mulan is a Disney princess who has a great sword like her personality. First, she used this blade to cut her hair, and later, the same sword was used to fight against Hun to save her battalion. She was a well-deserved candidate for this highly reflective sword which she proved with her bravery.

2. The Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

Oliver AyalaKingdom Hearts (21037159652)CC BY 2.0

Kingdom Hearts is a movie with mysterious weapons featured in it. The Keyblade was the primary weapon used by Sora, King Mickey, and Riku. This film was about the battle between light and darkness, and Keyblade had the power to turn the tides in the war. 

The essential ability featured throughout the series is to lock and unlock any keyhole. It can also transform into Gliders and, of course, defeat the enemies they present.  The Keyblade is not only about the darkness and light, but it also functions as a key, a blade, and a symbol of magic. 

3. Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber (Star Wars)

Kylo Ren Enters

Steven MillerKylo Ren Enters (52930189290)CC BY 2.0

Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is an ancient design iconic Disney sword that recalls weapons seen millennia ago during the Great Scourge of Malachor. The blade ignited using a sliding activation switch located near the top of the hilt, and the red color of the lightsaber represents rage and power. 

The crossguard sword emerged from focusing crystal activators that split the plasma stream into three channels after the main blade ignited. The crossguard blade allows him to operate safely – his weapon is constructed around a dangerously flawed overloaded Kyber crystal. 

4. The Vorpal Sword (Alice In Wonderland)

The Vorpal Sword in Alice in the wonderland is another iconic Disney sword with a beautiful blade. This sword is the enemy of the Red Queen’s Jabberwocky. This sword reflected the completion of vorpal armor and the symbol of Alice accepting her identity. Later, Alice defeated the Jabberwocky with the help of the Vorpal sword and saved the wonderland from destruction. The visuals and storytelling of this movie with the sword are so divine.

5. Excalibur (The Sword In The Stone)


King Arthur’s Excalibur is one of the most famous swords with an extraordinary moral tale. The sword depicted justice and power, while the stone was about Christianity. So the sword in the stone symbolized Arthur, agreeing by pulling the sword from the rock to pursue justice in the name of God.

This sword helped Arthur recognize the powers that are good for him, taught him love has more energy, and the brain will triumph overpower. This beautiful sword with a great lesson is one of the best iconic Disney swords, and the Arthur in squire attire pulling the sword out of stone is the favorite picture for fans. Another sword that is connected to legends is the Singing Sword, and one of its most popular fictional owners is Prince Valiant. Read our article, Get to Know Prince Valiant and His Singing Sword to know more about the said character.

6. Sword of Triton (Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides)

A hero, villain, or a captain without a sword has no power, especially in Disney movies. The sword of Triton was a weapon used by Blackbeard and Hector. The pirate-like Blackbeard needs something extra to uphold his reputation.

This weapon had the power to control ships and bring dead matter like ship’s rigging to life. He commanded the supernatural forces, and as long as he wields the sword, the vessel will do his will. Sword of Triton is one of the mighty Disney swords with exceptional abilities.

7. Raya’s Whip-Sword (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Raya and the Last Dragon is a movie about creating a Southeast Asian-inspired fictional world 500 years since the presumed death of the last dragon. Raya has an enchanted sword inspired by the Indonesian Kris. Her whip-sword is the icon of effectiveness and style, and she deserves this weapon equally.

Raya knew how to play with her artistic, beautiful blade and wielded her weapon with grimness. The epic fighting sequence showed her ability to hold and use the sword even in rage. This whip-sword helped her achieve her goals with bravery and intelligence.

8. The Darksaber (Star Wars)

Darksaber is one of the Mandalorian culture’s weapons and aircraft, and it was in the hands of Moff Gideon who craved himself out of the wreckage with this infamous weapon. An ancient saber serves as a powerful symbol of direction to the Mandalorians. This Darksaber is a unique weapon with a black-energy blade lined with a crackling edge.

Darksaber is as powerful as a lightsaber, though it does not cut the solid. Some of the greatest warriors in the galaxy are Jedi, and they knew how to take on their lightsabers.  Star Wars weapons like lightsaber and darksaber are the best and powerful weapons.

9. The Magic Sword (The Black Cauldron)

The magic sword featured prominently in the movie The Black Cauldron was found in the castle of Horned king. The Black Cauldron is an imminent danger to all humanity, a vessel that permits the Dark Lord to bring his dead soldiers back to life. A princely warrior sacrifices themselves in the struggle against the powers of the cauldron.

This sword possesses powerful magic that allows cutting and burning the heavy iron chains. Whenever its edge strikes something, the magic manifests the flaming energy. It can fight and float according to its will. This magical sword is easy to use; even a naïve person like Taran could use it without any difficulty. 

10. The Singing Sword (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The singing sword is one of the funny swords of Disney movies. Frank Sinatra’s voice played for this old gag. This sword is on the list because it’s only a funny sword with laughable visuals and the unique, unforgettable blade with the best characters remembered as the iconic Disney swords.


These were some of the most iconic Disney swords with unique abilities and beautiful designs. These swords earned the place on our list due to their powerful spell, and of course, the master of these weapons did justice to them.

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