Perhaps They Should Have Called it the “OZcars”!


“Now in 1939, moviegoers first fell in love with a girl named Dorothy who longed for a life different from her own and in one of the most beloved cinematic magic journeys of all time, and with the help of some very memorable friends—a tin man, a lion, and a scarecrow—Dorothy got … Read more

Oz Experts Answer Your Questions

Oz Experts Answer Your Questions on Facebook

Fans were recently invited to ask questions about The Wizard of Oz movie or anything else Oz related. The response was extraordinary, which probably comes as no surprise to Oz fans.  There has been enormous fan participation which has proven that this timeless classic is still a favorite among young and old. … Read more

Oz at the 1939 Oscars

Oscars Awards

We recently profiled Pink’s performance of “Over the Rainbow” at this year’s Academy Awards® show. Her stunning rendition, a tribute to the 75th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, was enthusiastically applauded by everyone in attendance, most notably perhaps, Judy Garland’s own three children. Most aficionados of the film know that The … Read more

More Fun Facts From The Making of The Wizard of Oz!

The Wizard of Oz Lahr Garland Bolger Haley 1939

Here are some more fun facts about the making of The Wizard of Oz! Enjoy! The flying monkeys were originally going to be animated, but it didn’t work with the rest of the film. In the scenes where they are flying in to capture Dorothy, the monkeys are actually made out of … Read more

The Sounds of The Wizard of Oz!

The Sounds of The Wizard of Oz

We hear a lot about the amazing visuals in The Wizard of Oz, and rightly so. Even by today’s standards, with the incredible technological advancements we see in current movies, many of the effects accomplished in this 1939 film are simply stunning. What many don’t consider is the movie’s achievement in sound. … Read more

Oscars ® to Honor “The Wizard of Oz” on 75th Anniversary

Oscars ® to Honor "The Wizard of Oz" on 75th Anniversary

This year’s Oscar ceremony will honor the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. The all-time classic, starring Judy Garland as Dorothy, was nominated for six Academy Awards in 1939, losing Best Picture to Gone With the Wind but winning two statues for Original Score and Song. “We are delighted to celebrate … Read more

Fun Oz Facts in a Fun Oz Article

Fun Oz Facts in a Fun Oz Article

What? The Wicked Witch had glasses like Miss Gulch? Hot air balloons on Professor Marvel’s wagon? Dorothy’s hidden dress pocket? The film’s homage to Snow White’s Evil Queen? If you thought you knew everything about your favorite movie, you may want to check this out. The book The Wizard of Oz: The … Read more

The Wizard of Oz 3D Premiere Kicks off the Film’s 75th Anniversary

The Wizard of Oz 3D Premiere Kicks off the Film’s 75th Anniversary

On Sunday, September 15, 2013, The Wizard of Oz premiered for the first time ever in IMAX 3D at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. It was a star-studded event as celebrities came to celebrate this iconic film’s 75th Anniversary. Special highlights included the appearance of Ruth Duccini, one of the two … Read more

The Wizard of Oz 3-D World Premiere is Tonight!

Wizard of OZ movie poster

Tonight will mark the world premiere of The Wizard of Oz in glorious IMAX 3-D. The premiere will take place in Los Angeles in conjunction with the grand opening of the new TCL Chinese Theatre. This is certain to be an incredible, star-studded event celebrating The Wizard of Oz. One particular guest … Read more