The Unforgettable Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Everyone who’s ever heard Judy Garland sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow never forgets it. The song is so special it’s ranked number one on the Songs of the Century list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts. The American Film Institute (AFI) also named … Read more

The Wizard of Oz Used Some Pretty Special Special Effects

The Wizard of Oz Used Some Pretty Special Special Effects

In 1939 special effects in movies were, well, not that special. Then, along came The Wizard of Oz. Needless to say, audiences were not only stirred by the terrific story, but they also were dazzled by the film’s special effects. All of the Oz sequences in The Wizard of Oz were filmed … Read more

No, You’re Not Seeing Double or Triple or More

No, you’re not seeing double or triple or more

The Wizard of Oz was and still is a wonder to behold. Great story, effects, costumes, sets, and actors. Everyone adores the singular sensation, Judy Garland, in her lead role as Dorothy. But how many filmgoers remember that a number of the actors in The Wizard of Oz played more than one … Read more

Your Favorite Character and Why

Your favorite character, and why

The Wizard of Oz is chock-full of good, no make that, great characters. First and foremost, there is Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow. Then, there is the Great and Powerful Oz and the Munchkins. And who can forget Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, and the farmhands, Hunk, Zeke, … Read more

Remember the First Time You Saw The Wizard of Oz?

Remember the first time you saw The Wizard of Oz?

If you were around in the late 1930s you could have seen The Wizard of Oz when it premiered in 1939. Interestingly, it didn’t premiere in Hollywood or New York City, but at the Strand Theatre in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin on August 12, 1939. If you didn’t get to see it during its … Read more

Director Victor Fleming’s Other Films

Victor Fleming

After entering motion pictures as a driver and stunt man at the Flying A studio in Santa Barbara, California, in 1912, Fleming achieved his first real directorial success with Lord Jim in 1925. Several films followed and Fleming was credited with helping to launch the careers of such actors as Clara Bow … Read more

The Wizard of Oz—the Magic is Timeless

The Wizard of Oz—the Magic is Timeless

What is it that has kept audiences so devoted to The Wizard of Oz, which seems to grow in popularity year after year? With all the viewing choices available these days, why is this iconic Hollywood film still one of the most popular movies of all time? Perhaps it’s because the technology, absolutely revolutionary … Read more