Director Victor Fleming’s Other Films

After entering motion pictures as a driver and stunt man at the Flying A studio in Santa Barbara, California, in 1912, Fleming achieved his first real directorial success with Lord Jim in 1925. Several films followed and Fleming was credited with helping to launch the careers of such actors as Clara Bow (Mantrap 1927), Gary Cooper (The Virginian, 1929), and Clark Gable (Red Dust, 1932).

In October of 1938, Fleming was asked to take over directorial duties on The Wizard of Oz, the same year he was asked to do the same on the troubled production of David Selznick’s Gone With the Wind. 

Suffice it to say, 1938 was a very good year for Victor Fleming and American Cinema. His other directing credits are:

1948 Joan of Arc
1945 Adventure
1943 A Guy Named Joe
1942 Tortilla Flat
1941 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1941 They Dare Not Love
1939 Gone with the Wind
1939 The Wizard of Oz
1938 The Great Waltz
1938 Test Pilot
1937 Captains Courageous
1937 The Good Earth
1935 The Farmer Takes a Wife
1935 Reckless
1934 Treasure Island
1933 Bombshell
1933 The White Sister
1932 Red Dust
1932 The Wet Parade
1931 Around the World with Douglass Fairbanks
1930 Renegades
1930 Common Clay
1929 The Virginian
1929 The Wolf Song
1928 The Awakening
1928 Able’s Irish Rose
1927 The Rough Riders
1927 Hula
1927 The Way of All Flesh
1926 Mantrap
1926 The Blind Goddess
1925 Lord Jim
1925 A Son of His Father
1925 Adventure
1925 The Devil’s Cargo
1924 Empty Hands
1924 Code of the Sea
1923 The Call of the Canyon
1923 To the Last Man
1923 Law of the Lawless
1923 Dark Secrets
1922 Anna Ascends
1922 Red Hot Romance
1922 The Lane That Had No Turning
1921 Woman’s Place
1921 Mama’s Affair
1920 The Mollycoddle
1919 When the Clouds Roll By