Why Do Video Game Developers Revamp Old Games?

In recent years, many remasters and re-releases of old titles have been released. To some, this trend may seem a sign of a crisis of ideas in the industry, but others believe that developers’ craving for remakes and audience interest in them speaks of fundamental changes in the industry and the cultural status of everything. The concept of “retro” in the gaming industry came into use several decades ago – since the days when games began to become obsolete and acquire a nostalgic flair. And these titles have always had their audience. However, there has been a quiet revolution in the retro gaming sector over the past few years.

For example, high sales of the Crash Bandicoot remaster – Rez Infinite – were re-released on Steam in 2017 and gained cult status. And the sweeping of Nintendo mini-consoles off store shelves are not the only indicator of a passing trend for nostalgia but also a demonstration of how consumers now relate to old games. A good example from the gambling world is the Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine that is popular and has a sequel – you can find Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe free play mode on many gambling sites.

Therefore, recently we can see that the shelves of virtual game stores are loaded with old games. As we said earlier, some cherish this idea as they can get to see their favourite one again, while the others take a critical stance and are strictly against their remaking. It is because they think that the game developing companies parasitise on the ideas of the old ones, and as a result, the same thing is being repeated again and again, which is not a site of interest for the players.

Anyhow, let’s dig deeper and see the whole scenario, that is, what actually is this revamping of the old games and why are they getting momentum even though some people oppose the idea whole-heartedly?

Remaking or revamping the old video games is all about bringing the outdated ones to the forefront by incorporating modern mechanics, such as:

  • Changing their outlook
  • Adding specialised features such as high resolutions,
  • Enhancing audio and visuals innovation in controls.

So, once you compare both the versions, then the latest one looks perfect, and of course, it is all due to the blessings of the latest technology. However, the majority of such games get technical improvement, irrespective of the fact that the storyline, different techniques to win, locations, and quest remain the same.

So, let’s look at different aspects that answer why video game developers revamp old games?

Memories In Affordable Costs

Many players think that the game developer companies pick the old game titles and revamp them because they do not have to put a massive budget on them, and therefore without spending too, much the companies can easily recreate a game and ultimately earn profit out of them. However, there is no denying that the old games had a fan base, and the users still want to play their favourite ones on their new devices. Considering that many of them do not operate on modern devices, some might not operate without the original discs, while others’ pixels look scruffy for a large screen.

Therefore, revamping the old versions of the games is one of the options. However, they try to retain the interest of the players, thus bringing them nostalgia for the bygone days and providing them with a sight of amusement where they can spend some quality time.

Statistics of Players are Expanding Consistently

Previously playing video games was a luxury that everyone could not afford, as there were not enough resources to set up your gaming session. The fact is that not every house in a community could afford a screen to play the game. Consequently, the numbers of players who loved to play video games were not so high. However, with the boom in technology, everyone owns a device to play their favourite games without restricting time and limit.

Moreover, the video game industry has also expanded, and the stats have elevated considerably. Now the video games are popular among all age groups, whether they are young or old; video games have also crossed gender-based biases, and all the genders are playing them.

Keeping all the demographics in view, the game developers release the new games and work on the previous ones to maintain the interests of the players for different genders and age groups.

Tech Companies Are Active

Many technical platforms are stepping to provide the players’ space for a streamlined gaming experience. Therefore, social software like Apple, Facebook, and Google have also stepped into the gaming industry and give the users ways for gaming in a possible natural way, where they can play and streamline the video games.

Similarly, in 2020, Microsoft has also launched Project xCloud via Xbox console. Using this service, the players can streamline their video games to PCs and other devices in their use. It keeps their progress on the cloud, and they do not have to start all over again from the first level of the game.

Previously, in 2016, Facebook joined hands with Unity Technologies and started a gaming platform that provides a framework for the users to develop games. Stadia is another cloud service for gaming introduced by Google, and the players can stream their games with high quality. Users can easily avail themselves of it through their Android devices.

Therefore, these platforms continue to provide players with updated platforms for streamlined video games previously unavailable. Many game developer companies use such cloud platforms to revamp the old video games, so now, players, instead of purchasing the discs and cartridges, can enjoy their gaming employing the latest cloud technology that provides them with unlimited space.

An Example of Remaking By Famous Provider

Many famous games developing software have taken the task to come up with the latest version of the old games, and in this regard, Texas-based company Bluepoint has earned a reputation for revamping the old games with high quality. Shadow of the Colossus was a famous amusement released by Sony in 2005; however, in 2018, Bluepoint introduced its updated version to the players who speak of high quality. It was not the company’s first effort; somewhat, back in 2011, the players could enjoy Shadow of the Colossus’s 1080p quality, which was also the take of Bluepoint. On the other hand, recently, the game has been adjusted for 4K TVs.

Final Thoughts

Fundamentally, the purpose of video games is to have some quality fun-time, but at the same time, playing them becomes a passion for the players. Moreover, players demand to have something novel during the different eras, if not in theme, at least in the physical appearance. Therefore, revamping the previous versions is one way that not only brings profit to the developers but also can experience a fusion of traditional themes or plots with the latest controls.