Understanding What it Feels Like to Ride a Motorcycle

If you talk to anyone that rides a motorcycle regularly they will tell you there is no feeling like it. The simple truth is they are right. Riding a motorcycle is a unique experience and, nine times out of ten, it gets in your blood and you will always want to ride

Of course, the right bike makes a big difference. You may like off-road style bikes and are looking at the best KTM bikes currently available, or you may prefer a sports tourer. There is no right or wrong motorcycle to ride, as long as you feel comfortable on it.

The Riding Experience

The first thing you should note is that the right motorcycle will make you smile. From the moment you see the bike to the moment you park it up again, you will find yourself grinning; especially when you hit the open road.

From the moment you start the engine you will feel exhilaration and a touch of fear. That shows you have a healthy respect for the power between your legs. A motorcycle is incredibly powerful, you can go from zero to sixty in a few seconds and, if you don’t lean the bike into the corner you are not coming out the other side.

The knowledge of the potential to get it all wrong creates a little fear which tempers the sheer pleasure of twisting the throttle and feeling the power rumble through the bike.

Physical Demands Of Riding

When you first start riding the thing that will probably amaze you is that you are constantly busy. Your right hand controls the throttle and the brake, your left-hand does the clutch, your right foot also operates the brake, and your left foot does the gears. In other words, every part of your body is ready to do something.

There is also the idea of leaning the bike instead of steering it. If you try to steer or brake on a corner the bike will sit up and you will stop turning. It is essential to lean the bike. You learn by doing it slowly but you will soon learn there is a real buzz to getting the right line through a corner. When you back off the throttle a little, drop the bike to one side, and accelerate out of the corner, you are certain to be grinning.

Emotional Aspects of Riding

The other side of the experience is the emotional. To ride properly you need to be focused on the bike and the road, nothing else. That makes your motorcycle a great way to clear your head and, after the ride, you will see problems in a different light.

The balance of excitement and fear means that your heart will be raining and your adrenaline pumping, making riding a motorcycle a fantastic emotional experience.

Of course, you also need to pay attention to what everyone else is doing, too many motorcyclists are needlessly killed on the roads.