12 Features of a True Love Relationship with a Charming Lady

Does love exist in a relationship?

Not always. Sometimes, even if two people are into each other and want each other, they still do not have love. Here, we are going to discuss the main features of love in a relationship and how to differentiate true love from mere affection and passion.

The features of a true love relationship

Feature 1. She treats you more than just a friend

If your woman says to other people that you are her boyfriend, it is a sign of true love. Never let such a woman go from your life because she might like you both at the physical and spiritual level. However, stop relationships with a girl who introduces you to others in a role of just a friend. There are many types of a love relationship, but if she wants you as a man and you are the best friend to her at the same time, that might be a feature of true love.

Feature 2. She trusts you

If a girl is the one you can rely on, the best love relationship advice for you will be to keep her and continue to build healthy love relationships with her. Also, if she says that she can count on you, it is a sign of mutual trust between you and her. With such trust, you will not be jealous of each other and your relationships will be more harmonious. 

Feature 3. She keeps her promise

If a girl is serious about you, you will feel that she loves you and she will never be asking questions like what the meaning of love in a relationship is. If you notice that she always does what she says and promises, it means that she respects you and treats you seriously. It also means that she is mature enough to move on with you in your relationship, even if it is a long-distance love relationship.

Feature 4. She is loyal to you

If you notice that a specific woman does not go on a date with other men once she gets introduced to you, maybe, she is in love with you. You would better check it out and invite her to a date. If you see that time passes by, but she still is without a man, perhaps, she is dreaming about you inviting her somewhere and expects you to be a leader in your relationships. Do not hesitate to invite her on a date and check whether she really loves you.

Feature 5. She writes a message to you on a social media network

Modern women can be leaders sometimes. Therefore, do not ignore her if she writes a message to you on social media. It does not mean that she is a slut, but it means that she does like you and cannot wait for you to write a message to her; that is why she decided to do it first. You should not be afraid of such a category of women because she might be just a modern one.

Feature 6. She is in a good mood when she is close to you or sees you

If a woman feels joy and smiles when she sees you, it is a sign that she is head over heels in love with you. If you notice that her mood significantly improved after she saw you or when you appeared on her way, it is a sign of a lasting love relationship. You would better be kinder to such a woman and understand her. If you both feel a great atmosphere when you see each other, probably, you are into each other.

Feature 7. She is shy when you are near her

Wonder what love in a relationship is ? If your woman behaves in a weird way when she sees you and becomes very shy and difficult to talk with, maybe, she is in love with you. You would rather try to make her talk, but do it in a gentle manner not to hurt her.

Feature 8. Her brain switches off when you are close to her

If you notice that a lady stopped thinking logically when she saw you, perhaps, it is because she is so overwhelmed with you to be present near her. Do not laugh about her disability to think clearly when you are near her since it might be because of her emotions and the fact she cannot cope with them when you reach her closer.

Feature 9. She gives you hand-made things

For instance, she might give you a cake or pie that she cooked by herself. When a girl is into a man, she wants to make sure he is not hungry and that he is not cold. Therefore, she might present you with a sweater or hoodie to make sure you are safe and sound. Do not laugh at her gifts because she might be so in love with you.

Feature 10. She does not tell anyone about the way she feels about you

There is a proverb saying that happiness loves silence. If a woman loves you, she will never talk about you with her friends, even the closest relatives because she might want to keep your love and does not want others to spoil everything. If your lady hides the fact she is in love with you, it is a sign that she is really in love with you, but is just a little bit superstitious.

Feature 11. She is ready to sacrifice her time to meet with you

Even if she is a very busy person, she will always find time to communicate with you. She might treat you with care and like her best friend. However, you should not think that she will always behave this way. If she notices that you do not love her and remain just in a friend zone, it is too late for you to change something. Therefore, if you love her, show it to her as soon as possible.

Feature 12. She is ready to wait

If your woman is not frivolous and ready to wait to have sex later on when you marry her, it is a sign of true love that can wait as much as possible. Feel free to invite such a girl to a date and have such a great time together!

Summing up

If you see the overwhelming majority of these features in a charming lady you like, she is 99% into you. Therefore, you would better become active and a leader in your relationships and invite her for a date. Do it ASAP because someone else might find that girl so attractive as well and he might try to win her heart. If a girl is beautiful and smart, she might understand when a guy really loves her. You would better hurry up before someone else steals her from you. Develop your masculine energy. Being a masculine man is gaining more and more attention and all women need to feel that energy. Invest in a men`s coach that can help you how to increase masculine energy. Every woman likes flowers, so give her such a little gift to show that you like her. However, stay away from a girl who smiles at you only when you give her presents since she might be interested only in your money.