What to look for in a new vape nail

There are multiple ways to consume marijuana in today’s world. With the benefits of medicinal cannabis over the medicine world, many consumers turn to dab kits and various accessories to get the best effects.

How to use an enail

An enail is one of the most popular and widely-used methods to dab wax. With various rig setups, the inclusion of using an enail reduces the need of using a dangerous blow torch that can harm the vaporizer, the rig, or the user.

Since an enail is compatible with most types of dab rigs, it is an effective and safe solution for beginners in the cannabis world. Preventing the need for an external heating source by providing the correct temperature with a pre-set method, most enails are easy to attach to your current rig.

Setting the temperature

To get the best hit from your enail dab kit and your new vape nail, users need to properly control the temperature of the vape and enail. If you let the temperature get too hot too quickly, it can waste your concentrate and ruin the intended taste.

The temperature of your enail and vape nail should be adjusted based on the amount of vapor you want to consume, the type of cannabis concentrate in the enail, and the type of materials you are utilizing to ingest the dabbing concentrate.

Typically, you want to ensure the intended temperature is between 500 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit when using an enail.

Strength of the hit

When deciding what temperature to use with your new vape enail, you have to decide if you want a long hit or prolonged flavor. When considering the hit you are looking for, this usually has the ten biggest effects on where you should set your enail.

Higher temperatures, between 600 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit, produce more vapor, giving you a longer hit. However, the higher temperatures burn off some of the terpenes, causing a less strong flavor. If you use lower temperatures, around 500 degrees Fahrenheit, these lower temperatures do not cause as much smoke, but the flavor is more intense.

Atomizer material

When using your new enail, you need to make sure the vaporizers you are using are safe. Safety is a top priority when using any marijuana accessories, so choose your new vape nail with cautiousness – ensure the product uses only medical and food-grade materials with high boiling points.

When choosing a new vape nail, you may want to select one of the options is aluminum or stainless steel that contains high heat capabilities. For example, aluminum’s boiling point is much lower than the boiling points of ceramic, quartz, or titanium, affecting the safety and longevity of your new enail product.


Finding the right enail is crucial to your dab rig’s effectiveness, ease of use, and user-friendly nature for consuming cannabis. To get the perfect hit, maintain flavor, and achieve the desired effects, users need to choose a new vape nail that is compatible with their needs.