Eight Healthy Pick-Me-Up Drinks For A Energised Morning Without Caffeine

Let’s admit it – waking up early in the morning can be a real struggle, especially on a Monday, when the weekend nostalgia often hits even the best of us. But no matter how dreadful mornings may seem, it can also be the best time to be productive, energised and inspired.

At first, you would probably think about a cup of invigorating coffee. However, for some people, caffeine intake usually comes with unpleasant side effects like anxiety, insomnia, restlessness or gastrointestinal disturbances, while others don’t like its taste and prefer other options. So before you head straight to the coffee machine after you wake up, consider trying these eight healthy alternatives to boost your energy levels and get you through the day. You can also try the healthy energy drink options of Xite Your Mind if you want to add an extra boost during your very busy day. The refreshing drinks are made up of natural ingredients and have zero sugar guaranteed to give you pure energy without all the crash.


Yes, this drink usually does not contain sugar or caffeine; it is always near the top of any list. Often times, when we feel sluggish or tired, it can be a simple sign of dehydration

A glass or two of fresh water every few hours helps to maintain energy levels, improve concentration and increase metabolic reaction. And if you decide to bring a reusable water bottle with you, you won’t have to worry about buying bottles or finding a water fountain to drink enough water throughout the day. This will also help you save plastic so that you can do a favour to the environment.

Coconut Water

Whether you have a heightened sense of thirst or sustain an active lifestyle, coconut water is the ultimate refreshing drink that can help to boost your energy. Unlike traditional energy drinks, it is low in added sugar and caffeine, contains less sodium and more potassium, which promotes muscle contraction and energy production.

Coconut water also has an abundance of amino acids, electrolytes like calcium and magnesium, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamin C, minerals like manganese and much more. Therefore, drinking some coconut water in the morning or adding it to a fruit smoothie helps your body stay energised and hydrated.


In the morning, nothing beats a delicious smoothie that can treat your taste buds as well as lighten up your mood and charge your day.

Smoothies with natural greens like spinach, kale and arugula help to alkalise your body and are rich in antioxidants that increase energy. Since vitamins present in the fruits will keep you alert for the rest of the day, make sure to mix a handful of leafy greens with your fruit smoothie. Or add a packet of dehydrated greens into water or water to provide an instant energy boost.


The popularity of kombucha has increased over the past few years, and this can be explained by the fact this fermented tea has many potential health benefits. Due to the high amount of B vitamins and iron, this perfect mix of live culture, sugar and yeast can leave you feeling invigorated.

Since so much of our inner health and general wellbeing comes from our gut, it is essential to balance yours. Kombucha not only can become your new favourite, fizzy way to kick start your morning but also can help to improve the health of your gut. It is rich in a number of helpful probiotics, such as gluconacetobacter and lactobacillus, which can get your gut in action.


No matter if you decide to add a few drops of CBD tincture to your morning beverage or purchase infused options like CBD tea, water or hot chocolate, beverages with this natural, chemical compound can be a great start for your morning routine. 

Although CBD isn’t a stimulant like other energy-boosting beverages, it works to balance various bodily functions and mental processes. Cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce your stress levels, relieve pain and chronic aches, promote better sleep and even improve your skin condition – all thanks to the potential interaction with special receptors of your cell-signalling endocannabinoid system. 

Therefore, whether you decide to use CBD oil for pain, more restful sleep or reduced anxiety, daily intake of CBD can help to reach your wellness goals, which in turn will have a positive effect on your energy.

Green Tea

If it is only caffeine you are craving for, you can opt for green tea over coffee or regular tea. Green tea is loaded with much less caffeine, and it releases caffeine more slowly in the body. The amino acids in green tea increase your ability to concentrate and keep you focused. It also can boost the digestive system; therefore, it is an excellent choice after a heavy breakfast or lunch.

This drink will not only open your sleepy eyes in the morning but will also provide numerous other benefits, such as it can improve brain function, aids in fat burning by increasing metabolic rate, and offers protective properties thanks to the antioxidant content, which can help prevent inflammation and oxidative stress.


Even though you can think of cacao as a tasty nighttime drink that helps you relax, a quality, low-sugar hot chocolate can also work as a perfect coffee alternative. Packed with potent antioxidants and flavonoids, cacao can help to enhance blood flow to the brain and improve cognitive function in the process. It is also loaded with a moderate dose of caffeine, a stimulating compound called theobromine, and magnesium to help relax muscles in the body and stimulate energy.

Warm milk with cocoa powder or a couple of dark chocolate squares creates an ideal morning drink with mood-enhancing properties and a rich coffee-like flavour profile. Another reason to indulge in a daily dose of dark chocolate! However, make sure to purchase a natural, unsweetened cocoa powder with a concentration of at least 70% or 70-85% dark chocolate.

Peppermint Tea

Refresh your senses and relieve tension headaches with a cup of peppermint tea. Unlike coffee, peppermint doesn’t rely on caffeine to energise the drinker, but it can increase energy, so you don’t need to worry about jitters or crashes after consuming it. For those who also want to relieve digestive symptoms, fight viruses and bacteria, freshen your breath and drink something delicious – peppermint tea is a great option.