Marketing Health Businesses In 2021

Contending With Sometimes Difficult Trends Here’s what you want to take into account: it’s not just consumer trust that has…

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The Power of Using Hashtags on Instagram

The use of hashtag has become a social media phenomenon, especially on Instagram. When you browse posts and photos, it’s…

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The Wizard of Oz Promotion Machine: MGM’s Media Promotion Tornado

Months before The Wizard of Oz was to be released in Los Angeles, MGM began a massive promotional campaign. Having…

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The State of Tumblr Blogging

If you’re an online marketer or simply a business seeking to make your presence known on the internet, you have…

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Building Traction with Evergreen Content

One of the main techniques to increase traffic on a blog or website is to produce more and more evergreen…

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Facebook Is Great for Your Business

Having more than two billion active users, Facebook makes a perfect platform to promote your business. It might seem a…

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