What Were the Hottest Pop Culture Trends of the 30s?

Florence Thompson and her children in a photograph known as Migrant Mother

Despite the devastating impact of the Great Depression (1929-late 1930s) alongside the other global and political crises, the 1930s had witnessed the emergence of several pivotal cultural trends.It was during this period that people had somewhat created an escape from the hardships and anxiety going on about. According to historians, the literature, … Read more

Outfit Formula Ideas for Winter Wear

Every winter, aside from the struggle of getting up from bed, another challenge that most of us face is putting together the perfect winter outfit. It’s kind of challenging to think of what winter clothes to wear every day. Sometimes it’s even time-consuming to go through all your winter clothing just to … Read more

Icon Movie Fashion Moments

Icon Movie Fashion Moments

Do you LOVE the movies?  Do you get into the characters, the sets, the design and the fashion?  Hollywood has produced some great movies that have iconic fashion statements.  Check out this memorable list of some of our favorite fashion moments. 1. Atomic Blonde This dynamic spy-thriller movie is must be included … Read more