What Were the Hottest Pop Culture Trends of the 80s

Every decade has its own pop culture trends and crazes, and the 1980s were no different. In fact, it was bursting at the seams with all the crazy toys, fashion choices, and even hairdos. Let’s admit, most 80s fads and trends were hilarious and cringeworthy. Nevertheless, they are still one of the things that helped shape the ‘80s. That’s why in this article, we are going to list down the hottest pop culture trends of the ‘80s. So you better get your leg warmers ready and roll up your Miami Vice jacket because we are going to take a ride down to memory lane.

Jelly Shoes

These shoes were light, airy, and they never leave your feet sweaty. They also come in different colors and styles, which means you can mix and match them with many outfits. Plus, it also comes at a low price, too. They are the perfect shoes to wear if you’re going to the seaside and wanted to have a little fun at the sea without taking your shoes off.

Car Surfing

Ever since Michael J. Fox’s character on Teen Wolf was seen surfing on the roof of his friend’s van, car surfing became a thing. We bet most of the ‘80s kids remembered this craze and tried it at least once.

Shoulder Pads

The shoulder pads were one of the biggest trends of the ‘80s. Considering that this decade, where women started to take over the workplace, they wanted to make it clear that they were also capable of doing the job that a man can do. That’s why power dressing became a trend, and the desire of the women to present themselves as intelligent, serious, and strong individuals in the workplace became stronger.

Leg Warmers

The ‘80s was the decade where the movies Flashdance and Fame were released, and it’s not a surprise that leg warmers also reached the peak of their popularity during this decade. Basically, the leg warmers were designed to be used on cold days, but it seemed that people used them more in the gym. Going to the gym can make you feel warm, so leg warmers must have been a little bit sweaty. However, they aren’t just for dancers or gym-goers. People also used to wear them as a part of their day to day outfits, too, especially over tights. Leg warmers have been around before the ‘80s, but it was the decade where they became popular. They came in different designs and colors

Mullet Hair

The mullet hair was one of the ultimate men’s hairstyles in the ’80. To be honest, this hairstyle didn’t look that great and looking. Pet Sharp was one of the celebrities who single-handedly kept this hairstyle going over the decade, and it definitely inspired a generation to copy his hairstyle.

Big Hair

Big Hair

It wasn’t just men who sported an iconic hairstyle back in the ‘80s, the women are also guilty of having iconic but terrible hairstyles. Back then, it seemed that the bigger your hair, the better. If you ever looked at old photos that were taken back in the ‘80s, we bet you that you will see a woman with big hair. This big hair trend continued even the ‘80s were over, and you will see celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston sport this look back in the ‘90s.



Before the Discman and iPods, there was the Walkman, and it was surprising that it seemed ahead of its time when it was released in the 1980s. When you own one of these back in those days, it looks like you are holding the future in the palm of your hand. During those times, being able to take your music with you anywhere you go was awesome, and the idea of it seems surreal at that time. Today, this kind of technology is being taken for granted because we can now have thousands of songs in our pockets on demand.

Parachute Pants

In the ‘80s, these trousers were essential, especially for breakdancing boys. Parachute pants are tightly fitting trousers that were made with nylon material, just like the one that is used in making a parachute. These pants often have a large crotch area that can go lower than the knees. These pants may look absurd, but back in the ‘80s, someone thought that they looked good in these.