Personality of John Tyler

As tenth president of the United States of America, John Tyler is described as a six-foot-tall man with blue eyes, wavy brown hair, big ears, and lips as well as a protruding forehead. He had frail health throughout his life. He was susceptible to cold and diarrhea. His administration was known to approach an unconventional approach to many aspects of governing and was willing to experiment because of John Tyler’s creativity and analysis.

Find out his prominent features and personality in this article.

Well-bred southerner

John Tyler was born to a prominent planter and politician in Virginia and received the best education; that is why it is not surprising that he was polished and trained with proper etiquette. He was also courteous but unable to start a small talk with a stranger.

Slow to fall into friendship

It was evident that John Tyler lost a few allies on his journey until his administration. The reason behind it is because he does not base his decisions on the relationship; instead, he wanted to make concrete decisions based on ideas and concepts. Maybe one of the main reasons why his political party dropped him was because John Tyler became a nuisance because of his firm disposition. He was passionate about authentic ideas than being dictated what to do. There are few prominent people he got close acquaintance.

Despite the distance he had set, John Tyler was good at developing an insightful and unbiased interpretation of other people’s intentions.

Analytical and an Abstract Thinker

He viewed life as a significant and complex machine. In his service in the House of Representatives, he was able to analyze how his interest connects to the decisions and votes he might make. He much opposed proposals for strengthening federal powers because it might affect his plantation and slave ownership. He anticipated the abolishment of slavery.

Honest and Straightforward

John Tyler does not intentionally want to make the people drift away from him; however, his frankness tends to hurt someone else’s feelings and even ego. He is a firm believer of truth and expected it was appreciated and reciprocated, but it was the other way around. He forgot to take any emotional consideration as he dismissed subjectivity in his ideas and the policies he approved.

A tendency to Loathe Rules

It was evident in his life that he often bypassed the rules when he vetoed many bills passed by Congress and fell in love with a young woman five months after his wife passed away. He exhibits so much autonomy in his decisions.

Devoted yet withdrawn romantically

John Tyler took his marriage seriously. He proved himself loyal to his wife, Letitia. John Tyler was able to address the conflicts that arose, especially if John Tyler needed to finance his children’s education and personal expenses, which led him to prioritize his career interests. He was able to provide physical and intellectual needs; however, he exerts little effort emotionally.

Dedicated Father

Despite John Tyler’s inability to identify his raw emotions towards his children, he was incredibly dedicated to encouraging his children to think independently, seek out knowledge and speak up and defend their opinions, unlike giving the traditionally emotionally supportive parenting.


John Tyler was solitary, eccentric, and independent. He was mainly interested in exploring and building ideas to support and solve the issues. He also had very high standards in his works because evidently from his service in different government positions, “good enough is not good enough.”

He is always out and about to feed his desire for intellectual stimulation and satisfaction. John Tyler addressed the wish of Florida and Texas to join the Union to put the final pieces of a puzzle in an unorthodox but effective solution in his term as the president.

Logical Manager

As a leader, John Tyler was tolerant and flexible. He was open to reasonable suggestions and recommendations. John Tyler also provided relative freedom to his subordinates; however, this freedom comes at a loss. It needs to address his very high standards, expect them to grasp his insight, and eventually provide his own instantly. Evident with his Secretary of State, Daniel Webster, John Tyler demanded placed so much task on Webster’s shoulders because he was reliable, and he complied.


In conclusion, armed with powerful intellect John Tyler successfully overcame certain obstacles even though many turned their backs from him: his political party, his initial cabinet secretaries, etc. because of his rationalism that led to misunderstanding.

He stayed true to who he was. He tried to protect the slave nations because he also had personal interests to save, but he knew it was worth the fight.