Little Known Facts About Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt is known to be one of the most dynamic presidents in United States history. Mr. Roosevelt had a fascinating life, he came from a wealthy family in New York City, but it didn’t mean that he took an easy path through life. In this article, we will learn more about Theodore Roosevelt by listing down some of the little known facts about him.

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s mother and wife died on the same day – On February 14, 1884, Theodore Roosevelt’s mother passed away due to typhoid fever. Less than 12 hours later, his first wife, Alice, died from Bright’s disease and complications from giving birth to their first child. According to his diary, Theodore said that his light has gone out of his life.
  • Theodore Roosevelt won a Nobel Peace Prize – Roosevelt is known for his exploits at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War. However, his role in mediating the Treaty of Portsmouth earned him a Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. This treaty ended the Russo-Japanese War. Theodore Roosevelt is known to be the first American ever to have a Nobel Peace Prize. According to reports, he used the money he got to fund a trust that promoted industrial peace.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was the first sitting President of the United States ever to leave the country – In 10906, Theodore Roosevelt made history when he sailed aboard USS Louisiana to inspect the construction of the Panama Canal, which happens to be one of the projects he did as a president.
  • Theodore Roosevelt has virtually blind in one eye because of a boxing accident Back when Theodore Roosevelt was attending Harvard, he used to box for their intramural lightweight championship. That is why when he was in the White House, he regularly put up former professional boxers against his dukes. During one of the matches, a young artillery officer accidentally smashed a blood vessel that left Theodore Roosevelt’s left eye nearly blind.
  • The Republican leaders did not want Roosevelt to be President – When Theodore Roosevelt was considered a young Bull Moose in Republican politics, he angered top GOP bosses when he refused to appoint Republicans to a bureaucratic position. Republican bosses Thomas Platt and Mark Hanna chose Roosevelt to be the vice-presidential nominee for incumbent President William McKinley in 1900. No one ever thought that Theodore Roosevelt would take over McKinley’s position in 1901.
  • Theodore Roosevelt is known to be the father of the modern U.S Navy – It is pretty apparent that Roosevelt was obsessed with naval power. When the conflict with Cuba started in 1898, Roosevelt served as the Undersecretary of the Navy. Aside from this, Theodore Roosevelt also sent the American Navy on a worldwide tour in 1907 as a sign of strength.
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear – When Theodore Roosevelt was out on a hunting trip as a president, local guides in Mississippi arranged that Roosevelt would shoot an old bear that they tied to a tree. However, Theodore Roosevelt refused to do so, and he ordered someone else to shoot the bear. His refusal to shoot the bear became a newspaper cartoon that inspired a toy shopkeeper to sell stuffed bears called Teddy bears. Do not worry because he had Theodore Roosevelt’s permission.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was a creative writer – Theodore Roosevelt always had a high-energy level. In fact, during his lifetime, Roosevelt was able to finish 35 books with an estimated 150,000 letters. Aside from this, he also had the chance to write an autobiography.
  • Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the Hasty Pudding Club – Theodore Roosevelt was a Harvard undergraduate. During his time at the university, he was able to be a member of the Hasty Pudding Club, where he was even elected as the club’s secretary. Roosevelt was one of the five United States presidents to be a member of this club, others being John Quincy Adams, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Adams, and John F. Kennedy.