Why to Buy a KN95 Mask

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus increased the number of firms manufacturing face masks. Governments across the world have been encouraging their citizens to wear face masks.

Two types of masks, N95 and KN95, both manufactured from layers of multiple synthetic fibers, are among the safest. The N95 meets the U.S standards KN95 meets the China standards.

Why KN95 Masks?

Though not recommended for surgical purposes in the U.S, KN95 has many protective features. If you cannot access the most sought-after N95 masks, you can opt for KN95 respirators that promise safety.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only healthcare workers should. The public should therefore go for the KN95 masks, which also offer safety from the Covid-19 virus.

Can You Re-use your KN95 Mask?

Experts recommend that KN95 masks should be used only once. However, emerging studies are indicating the possibility of manufacturing reusable KN95 masks in the future.

How do I ensure that I don’t purchase fake KN95?

As you look for KN95 masks for sale, note that there could be fake versions of the mask in the market. Follow these steps to avoid becoming a victim of purchasing a fake KN95.

  • Lack of approval stamp or wrongly spelled words
  • Missing TC or FDA approved a number
  • Presence of decorative ad-on
  • Invisible manufacturing number

When looking for where to buy a KN95 mask, another red flag is how frequently the supplier changes manufacturers. If a company changes a manufacturer often, it indicates flipping middlemen and possible sub-standard masks.

PPEs are the best alternative in the battle against Covid-19. However, as you look for an online company to acquire your PPE, ensure you go for a legit seller.

Check on the company website for the description of the products, prices, and client reviews. Choose a company that has a reputable history, as evident from client reviews.

Where can I buy KN95 Masks?

A handful of medical supplying companies have made efforts to include KN95 in their stock. You can also find n95 mask made in USA with them. Here are the places that you can find KN95 masks for sale.

Source Ortho

If you want genuine KN95 masks delivered in 24 hours to your doorstep, then Source Ortho is the best online store to make your order. Source Ortho sells a 20 pack KN95, 4 layer design for only $38.95 which you can share with family, friends, or co-workers.

Their masks are Common Name (CN) certified with up to 95% filtration of non-oily particles of 0.3 micro levels.

These are ideal for daily use to prevent germs, airborne particles, allergens, pollen, and viruses.

KN95 MASK 10 PACK- San Huei

Like the United States’ N95 masks, San Huei’s KN95 mask complies with China’s GB2626-2006 standards. San Huei’s KN95 masks are equipped with an ear loop to ensure ease of use and comfort.

It has an outside nose-bridge to enhance proper fit. San Huei’s KN5 mask protects the user from bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollen grains. Users are assured of 95% protection when wearing a KN95 mask.

The company sells a pack of ten respirators for $18.95. The KN95 is available to public members who visit the company’s online stores to make orders. San Huei’s KN95 masks have the following safety features;

  • Anti-droplet transmission
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Dust resistant
  • High-woven synthetic fiber for maximum filtration

Public Goods

The company says that it sells KN95 masks made of five layers to offer users maximum protection. Their masks also have mechanical filters to block up to 95% of harmful airborne particles and ensure that users inhale clean air.

It is also equipped with a nose-clip to form a tight seal. The brand notes that it offers KN95 respirators that are equivalent to FDA’s medically approved KN95 masks.