Important Car Parts You Should Know About

The car is arguably one of the most important inventions in human history, as it is through vehicles that we are able to go from one location to another with ease, no matter how far away the distance between those locations is. So, a lot of people own at least one car, as it is very convenient to use if you are running errands or if you don’t want to commute to work.

While most cars are fairly easy and simple to drive, there are actually complex parts inside the cars that work in unison to make your driving experience convenient. All of these parts are important for the car to function properly, but there are just some car parts that are much more needed than the others. And then there are some side by side accessories that you can get online too. Here are some important car parts you should know about. Meanwhile, check out the best tacoma bed stiffeners here. You can also visit Wheels Pick blog to learn more about cars, parts, accessories, and the latest automotive technologies.

Spark Plug

spark plug for cars

The car wouldn’t be able to start without a spark plug, which produces a little spark that ignites the fuel and makes it combust into powerful explosions that give the engine enough energy to run. Because of how small spark plugs are, you will need to inspect it every now and then and replace it with a new one once it doesn’t work properly anymore. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about toyota parts melbourne.


The spark plug wouldn’t be able to work on its own, so it would need a power source that would give it the energy to produce a spark. This power source is called the car battery, which is primarily utilized not only for providing energy for the spark plug but also to make the lights and other features of the vehicle that are not connected to the engine.

Most car owners have the misconception that it is the spark plug that works first in order to start the car, but it is actually the battery since it is what gives the spark plug power. After you insert the car key and turn it on the ignition switch, the fuse box that is connected to the switch would then activate the battery.


The gasoline that is ignited by the spark plug would then travel to the pistons, which are the parts of the engine that produce energy to move all the parts that are responsible for the vehicle’s movement. The explosions produced by the ignited gas would be contained and controlled by the pistons, which would then turn them into energy that can move most parts of the car. So, it can be said that the engine is the heart of vehicles. Replacing an engine component can be quite costly, but you can find an affordable and quality Porsche 944 clutch to ensure your car runs smoothly.

If you have doubts that your engine isn’t working properly, it is important to have a diagnostic done and replace failed engine components with genuine spare parts. You can always find the right parts from a dealer or order them from an automotive supplier like


Of course, explosions made by gasoline can be pretty hot, and some parts of the car might not be able to handle that much heat. To provide a remedy to this problem, the radiator is installed near the engine and is responsible for absorbing most of the heat before they even get to the other parts of the vehicle. In order for the radiator to not overheat, it is accompanied by an engine fan that releases some of the heat coming from the radiator. If your car experiences overheating issues, you may need to check the radiator to see if it is still working properly.


The axles are installed in order to allow the car to move in different directions, as the axles connect the wheels to the engine, which would then provide force to the axles for it to move the wheels. Through the axles, you will be able to steer your car right, left, forward, and backward. If the axles of your car get damaged, then you might need to take the vehicle to the nearest auto repair store to get the axles fixed or replaced immediately, as faulty axles can cause accidents.


Transferring force from the engine to the axles isn’t actually simple, as the car would need a transmission device between the said parts’ connections to translate the energy that the engine puts out into movement for the axles. So, you could say that the transmission is as important to the car as the engine since the latter would basically be useless if it cannot translate power into movement.


car brakes

If you have been watching the latest news, you will notice that some of the accidents that occur on the road are mainly blamed on faulty brakes. The brakes are arguably the most crucial part of the vehicle in terms of safety, as it is responsible for making your car stop when you need it to. If your vehicle has damaged or broken brakes, then stopping the car would be a challenge, or it can be dangerous, as cars usually move faster than humans, so the impact you will receive once you hit a wall or another vehicle would be severe compared to just bumping another person on the sidewalk while you are running.

Due to the importance of brakes, it is essential to always inspect the condition of those parts before you hit the road. If it is possible, it would be best to get your vehicle checked up every now and then so that you can immediately see and resolve any issues with your car.

And, those are a few of the most important car parts that you should know about. As we have mentioned previously, it is recommended that you get the car regularly inspected so that it will be properly maintained, and you can easily find and replace damaged parts.