Top Maintenance Tips For Your New Car

Your car is an investment, and you want to take care of it in the best way possible. Plus, how you maintain your car also determines how well it serves you. A well-maintained car is reliable and not prone to breakdowns which also increase its lifespan. A good thing about modern cars is that they require less frequent servicing to keep running well. Reliability has improved significantly in new car models.

According to car experts at, following routine maintenance of your car keeps its performance at peak, saves you unnecessary repair costs, and prolongs its lifespan. Check out these top car maintenance tips.

Regular Wash

The easiest way of maintaining your car is by giving it a regular wash at least once every week. Washing your vehicle keeps it clean and free from dirt and debris that might cause corrosion. You should clean your car interior as well. Remove the mats and brush them from outside. Wipe the dashboard and lenses thoroughly and clean the seats to remove any stains. Regular washing leaves your car shiny and eliminates dirt that may also be harmful to your health.

Drive Carefully

Another simple way to ensure your car maintains its good condition is to always drive with care. Avoid accelerating your engine during start-up as it contributes to the rapid wearing of your engine. Always accelerate slowly when you drive and normalize shifting to neutral when on red lights to let your engine rest a while. Being car considerate pays you off as you get to avoid any unnecessary repairs.

Check The Engine Oil Regularly

Check the engine oil from time to time, probably monthly, if your car is new. You might find the need to add some oil routinely but do not overfill. If you notice an oil leak, have it fixed as soon as possible.

Inspect The Brakes Regularly

It makes sense to always pop in at a car service check like and examine the brake system. Brake service includes replacing worn-out pads, linings and machining damaged rotors and drums, etc. You should inspect the brakes at least twice a year or more often if you drive long distances.

Check The Fluids

Many newer car models usually have the automatic fluid transmitter sealed. If it is not closed in your car, you can check the transmission dipstick while the engine is warmed up and running. While at it, check the power steering pump dipstick and the brake fluid reservoir. If it is low, you should fill it up and have the system checked for any leaks.

Take Care Of The Tires

You should check your pressure tires at regular intervals and always keep them inflated to the suitable pressure. Uneven wear might suggest that you need to do a wheel realignment. It may also indicate a worn-out brake system, shock absorbers, internal tire damage, or a bent wheel. Ideally, you should have your tires checked after every 50,000km. Note that wheel misalignment may shorten the lifespan of the tires and lead to steering issues.

Wax Your Car 

Wax is a protective layer to preserve your car paint and create a barrier against dirt and grime. It also gives your car a new shine.