Can Medicine Lose Its Effectiveness Overtime

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Medicine is constantly being developed by pharmaceuticals because of the high demand. Medicine is a necessity and as such needs to be widely available. That is why many suppliers often try to produce medicine in excess supply. They believe because medicine is a necessity, it will sell eventually. Many go against medicine being sold as a business model but that is a topic for another time. Medicine can be stored for years on end. It is natural to wonder whether it has the same effect as brand new ones.

Many of us purchase medicine prescribed to us by doctors. Yet it is also common to purchase medicine in bulk to use for later. This is to prepare for the worst ahead of time and is a good idea. But whether or not that medicine affects you the same after a long time is another story. There are a lot of variables that may or may not diminish the effectiveness of the medicine. Below is a collection of myths, facts, and tips on how to care for your stored medicine.

The Expiration Date

One of the biggest factors of medicine longevity is the expiration date. Much like any other product the manufacturer places an expiration date on the product. This is to signify that the product will not be fit for use after the date. This is true for many foods and drinks. Fruit visibly degrades in quality over time. Yet there is no visible degradation in other products such as medicine.

Experts state that medicine will work perfectly up till the expiration date. Research completed has told us that it can last for longer. Yet the effectiveness and whether it is safe is a big if. Different types of medicine may last longer than others. Some however may fail to be effective after the expiration date. We do not recommend taking medicine after the expiration date. Though there is a chance it may work even after it expires.

We recommend that you purchase medicine way before its expiration date. This way you are not at risk for defective medicine. This way you can also purchase in bulk and store for longer periods. Other factors may make medicine less effective though.


Medicine is often stored in capsules and liquids. These are then to be packaged in a suitable container. It must be packaged in a durable state to preserve it. There are different kinds of medicines out there. As such flexible packaging is a must, as it is for other products such as food. The package itself needs to be durable too.

The containers need to be sturdy enough to protect the medicine from the atmosphere. Falls should not damage the medicine at all. It is vital that the packaging be sealed tightly. This ensures that the medicine does not interact with the atmosphere. Most suppliers manage this by utilizing a trusted foil sealer on their packaging. These make sure that medicine is properly contained and sealed into the packaging.

There are a lot of variables to look out for in the packaging of medicine. As consumers, it is our job to look out for what could be detrimental to medicine. We are already used to only focusing on the quotes or slogans on other products. That is why we need to look a little harder for defects in medicine packaging.


For the consumer side, it is important how we store the medicine. Often time the packaging states the ideal setting for medicine. There are several medicines out there that need a cool area to be stored in. They may lose their capability to help us. This is why medicine needs to be stored in the proper medium. Cooler storage medicines bought in bulk and stored together in a damp cupboard is not a good idea.

The best way to overcome this is to pay attention to the packaging of the medicine. Medicine that needs to be cool will have to be stored in a suitable medium. This could be a relatively cooler room or a dedicated space. Other normal medicine can be stored in any medium except very harsh ones.

Form Of Medicine

Another aspect that is relevant to the efficiency of medicine is the form it is in. The same medicine can be applied in unique ways. For example, Minoxidil is a medicine that can be applied both in liquid and foam form. It is used to increase hair production and is FDA approved. Reports suggest that different forms do have variable levels of effectiveness. Some benefit more from the foam while others prefer the liquid spray.

This leads us to believe that medicines effectiveness is variable on the form it is in. The correct way to find out would be to experiment. The consensus of a specific medicine can also tell us which form to lean towards.


Medicine is a much-needed necessity and rightfully so. It is our job to know the different variables that can diminish it. That includes paying attention to the packaging and researching beforehand. The most important thing should be to research the side effects before using the medicine. We hope you have gained some much-needed knowledge of medicine. Whether it is how to store it properly or maximize its use.