How to sell on Etsy: 4 tips to run a successful store

When selling your products on Etsy, you are your own boss, setting your own hours and creating custom pieces. Whether you run a shop part-time or full-time, running a successful one isn’t just about selling a great product. It’s also about being organized and strategic.

Your business idea will take off if you have a reliable processing and shipping method in place. You can use these four tips to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to selling and shipping strategies on Etsy.

Keeping track of your inventory

In order to operate a smooth Etsy shop, you need a fully stocked inventory. In the event of a surge in sales, you may miss out on revenue opportunities if you are understocked or out of stock. To reduce overall spending, order supplies regularly and buy in bulk rather than waiting until you run out.

Make sure you have a system for organizing incoming orders and products. For managing production, download an excel spreadsheet or use Google sheets to keep track of your data, or do it by hand if you prefer to have a hard copy. Digital worksheets make it easy to reuse and modify information, as well as reduce the chance of losing it. Just remember to save your work.

The cost of Etsy: an explanation

Etsy’s fees won’t have a big impact on your profits, but you should be aware of them when setting prices.

  • There is a 20 cent listing fee to create or renew a listing on Etsy.
  • Each sale is subject to Etsy fees of 5% plus shipping and handling.
  • The monthly subscription fee for Etsy Plus is $10.
  • Charges for shipping: Sellers can purchase shipping labels and set up calculated shipping for each item based on its size, weight, and location.
  • Fees for advertising on Etsy and Offsite Ads: Both charge fees
  • Use Etsy Fee Calculator to simplify the process. Etsy calc will allow you to figure that out, which will make pricing and budgeting much easier for you.

The Etsy shipping process

Customers have high expectations when it comes to shipping. As part of Etsy’s shipping options, sellers can set up calculated shipping, so they know how much it costs to ship each item. To set up calculated shipping, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your shop’s settings include a shipping profile. Please enter the zip code of the shipping address, select a shipping time, and select where you want the package to be sent.
  • You should add the weight and size of each item to your listings.
  • You should check the listings for which shipping needs to be calculated.

For the cheapest shipping on Etsy, you should take advantage of Etsy Shipping Labels, which can save you up to 30%. Get a label, print it, then attach it to your boxes. You can also add tracking to your shipped orders with Etsy Shipping Labels so that your customers can monitor their packages’ progress.

Stand out with a personal touch

The reason why shoppers choose Etsy is that they want something unique and personalized. Before shipping your product, consider how you can customize your orders so that your customers feel like individuals rather than consumers. For instance:

  • Make sure your business card is included to advertise your shop and generate repeat business.
  • You can write a note of thanks on a custom note card.
  • The packaging should be wrapped in branded custom tissue paper and ribbon so that customers will immediately recognize it. When they make the next purchase or on their birthday, offer a coupon for a free or discounted product.
  • You may want to invite them to an online event, such as a flash sale or anniversary celebration.