how to choose a best dslr camera

DSLR cameras are becoming more popular and purchasable among people of almost all classes and communities. One of the main reasons is the price of the DSLR has been falling for the last decades, plus the manufacturers are producing more user-friendly models day by day. In this article, I will share some essential tips and tricks on how you can choose a DSLR camera, plus what are the key features that you must look at when you go buying a DSLR camera. If you want to purchase a DSLR camera, this article is for you. Just keep concentrating on all these suggestions mentioned below carefully.

how to choose a best DSLR camera

  1. Image Quality/ Resolution
  2. ISO Range
  3. Continuous Shooting Speed
  4. Adaptability
  5. Battery and Durability
  6. Camera Size
  7. LCD Size
  8. Camera Connectivity
  9. Auto Focus


Image Quality/ Resolution

The image resolution of the DSLR camera is usually offering the best quality picture. So, first of all, you must concentrate on the image sensor whether the particular DSLR is offering you the best resolution that you are expecting or not. I suppose, if your camera can provide you with at least 12megapixels, you can go for that one. But it depends on your expectations. I mean how much quality you want because it varies from person to person; some wish for the most exceptional resolution, and others like the average level.

ISO Range

The ISO range plays one of the most valuable roles on a DSLR camera. It helps the DSLR camera to provide you with the best snaps with your camera, even in low-light places. That is why this feature has become one of the critical properties of a DSLR camera. The higher the ISO range your camera has, the better picture you can expect in different places, even when there is a short of light where you are taking the picture.

Continuous Shooting Speed

If you want to capture the fast-moving object, you need to have enough continuous shooting speed on your DSLR. So, next time you purchase a DSLR camera, you have to look at the constant shooting speed. It will provide you with a crystal clear picture, even the moving objects as well. Of course, there are lots of differences in terms of FPS. But it would be best if you tried to have a DSLR camera that offers at least 10 or 12 frames per second.


Your DSLR camera should have an adaptability system. If you have adaptability with your camera, you will be able to change the lenses of your DSLR and use other lenses that you want. It will just open the vast field for you, and you will love it indeed as it can help you to take snaps of anywhere else by adjusting the camera’s lenses. This is very important if you are a professional photographer as you may have frequently changed the camera’s lens.

Battery and Durability

This is a must-check property that you can not skip without worrying about it. Of course, everyone loves to have a camera that will let you click many times with a charge. However, as people have different expectations of how many clicks they want with their camera, you have to know how many shots you can take with your chosen DSLR. If you think your chosen camera is offering you to take enough pictures, you can only buy that DSLR.

Camera Size

Actually, in terms of choosing a DSLR camera, size does matter. But, because we have different views on this topic, if you love to have a small size, you must be careful about the camera you are going to buy whether this camera is handy or not for you. But, if you do not have any problem with the size of the particular DSLR, then you may leave this topic.

LCD Size

The screen size of a DSLR camera is an essential thing to check before purchasing a camera. There are different sizes of screens with DSLR cameras, but I would recommend you to have a DSLR with at least 3 inches of Display size. It will let you view your shots clearly on a larger screen.

Camera Connectivity

To transfer your data from the DSLR camera, you need a connectivity system to get the pictures and video clips on your different smart devices. There are some connectivities like; Bluetooth, WI-Fi, and so on. So, I suggest you go with that DSLR camera which provides you with built-in connectivity.

Auto Focus

Most of the DSLR cameras have focus, but auto-focus does not have with all the DSLR cameras. So you need to know whether the DSLR is offering you an autofocus facility or not. Because sometimes you will not have enough time to focus manually. That is why if you have autofocus, you can still have some great shots as your DSLR is focusing automatically while taking snaps when needed. Otherwise, you may be lost some amazing snaps.

Last Words

These are the most crucial things mentioned above that you must remember when selecting or purchasing a DSLR camera. I hope, if you follow these suggestions and tips, you will be able to choose a DSLR camera easily.