Apex Legends’ Beginner Tips And Tricks: 7 Ways To Win More Matches

Shooting and looting stay at the core of the Apex Legends game but there is more to this game that lets you gain an edge and enter the circle of winners. Here we cover some amazing Apex Legends cheats to help you get started.

Choosing a legend

There are 14 characters that you can choose from when you play Apex Legends. Each legend comes with its individual tactical, passive and ultimate ability. The legends however play pretty similarly. They move at almost the same speed and pick up and seize similar gears. You can win the game irrelevant of the legend that you pick up. It is thus recommended that you try out all the legends to decide which one among them suits your style. Wraith and Bangalore are great if you like blazing the guns. Gibraltar and Bloodhound should be your choice if you are a cautious player. So choose the legend based on your preference and playing style.

Land with the team but separate fast

Every match will be assigned a jumpmaster. This is the player who will be in charge to guide the team to the starting zone on the map. The legend will follow the jumpmaster naturally. You should split away from the teammates but not till the last stretch. This will save you from competing with your own teammates for the loot at the start of the game.

Loot is your priority

You will immediately start to look for the gears and guns when you first land on the ground. This lets you upgrade the stats to indulge in gunfights. Make sure that you pick up helmets, body armors, ammo and guns first just in case you happen to get into a fight at the start of the game. You can wait for a little into the game to get hold of health packs, shield recharges, and weapon attachments. This can be got once you feel safe and are assured that none of your teammates need to be saved.

Do not waste your abilities

The legend abilities let you win the matches and these get recharged fast. Do not worry that you may end up wasting them. Use the abilities as much as you can to meet your target. These abilities when used at the right time can let you be at an advantage and win over your rivals.

Know the colors of the hit marker

As soon as you shoot someone you will notice a damage number that appears right next to them. This will be in different colors. If the color is purple then this indicates that the enemy has purple armor on and you will have to shoot more to deplete their armor. If you notice a white damage number with a red circle within it then this means that there is no armor left and the enemy is vulnerable to getting knocked down. This is the time when you should play aggressively.

The tunnel vision should not limit you

You may want to immediately gun down the enemy as soon as you notice that they have been knocked down. However, this is definitely not a smart idea, and here is the reason why. You may be concentrating on this one enemy but his teammates would be waiting to take you down. The enemy that has been knocked down cannot attack you. The idea is to now focus on the other rivals. Try to knock them down and you can then kill all of them afterward. This also should be done when you pick up your teammates from a knockdown. First, ensure that the area is clear before you start to help them out.

Ping away

The ping system is an amazing feature of Apex Legends that lets the players share information with each other about loot, enemies, and even the directional information. Your teammates will not be able to see your screen so when you offer a ping it will make them aware of the location of the enemies and how you would be approaching the opponents. This is the most novel system of the game which lets you have a non-verbal communication with your team which makes it possible to communicate with your team without a mic. Place a mark as soon as you spot an enemy. Even if the enemy sees it, it does not affect if you mark the place. Pings can be used even to mark a place where you may have found a gear. Your character will vocally call out to your teammates who may want to use it. 


There has been a surge in interest among the PC gaming community to play the Apex Legend game. There are millions who are playing this game which clearly shows its popularity. The free-to-play game does not compromise on quality. With some interesting twists, the game keeps you glued to your seat for hours together. Try out these hacks to win over your competitors.