The Best Games to Play on your Mobile Device

Whether you are new to playing mobile games for fun, know little more than Candy Crush or consider yourself a fully-fledged gamer there are some amazing games to be played on your mobile. Some of these titles are free to play, others have a flat rate or a microtransaction system and some are casino games where you have the potential to hit the jackpot. Here are some of the best games you should play on your mobile device. Minecraft is the most popular game nowadays and there are many minecraft servers where you can play fast games.

Mobile casino games

Slots are the most popular mobile casino games, with a myriad of games to choose from. Wherever we are, whatever the time of day, it is possible to access one of the new mobile casinos uk via smartphones, tablets and consoles. There is no reduction in quality from switching from desktop play quality reduction, whether downloaded on to your device or a web-enabled app accessed through your device browser and when you check out a few games from a variety of software development companies, AI will indicate the games you are most likely to enjoy in future.


Fortnite is the perfect game to play with friends whether on Android, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, PC, PS4, Xbox One and any other mobile device. The cross-platform enables cross-play, which means one person can play on their console alongside PC and smartphone friends, and all the progress, skins, and other in-game assets will unite. Although the game is best played on a PC or console, which are more polished than the mobile version to date, it remains Fortnite at its core able to run a 100-player game.

Return of Fortnite on iOS

After being absent since August 2020, Fortnite may soon be returning to iOS after the game got banned after a legal battle about micropayments between Epic Games and Apple. A return is expected after Epic Games removed the direct payment button from Fortnite on 5 January 2021.


Minecraft is another game that is available on every platform, with the PS4 version becoming the last version of the game to adopt with Minecraft’s Bedrock update in late 2020. Minecraft is one of the most relaxing games on the market, especially if you play in creative mode. This is the game if you want to escape reality for short time and lose yourself in your block-based world.

Genshin Impact

Available on iOS & Android, Ghenshin Impact is a free-to-play game that has won Game of the Year awards on both App Store and Google Play. Launched in September 2020, this is a stunning game in a world with a Zelda type vibe. The game is monetised, but not too intrusive. It easily beats its closest rival, the paid-for Oceanhorn and its sequel.

Maze Machina

Available on both iOS & Android, the Maze Machina Puzzles can be played via touchscreen and are relatively short, perfect for when you need to kill a bit of time. The aim is to hop a mouse around a small grid, first to collect a key, then to get to the exit. The process is complicated by killer robots that mirror every move your mouse makes, making tactical thinking essential and the game less simple than it originally appears.