Can CBD help with PTSD?

The approach towards cure has undergone a massive change. Today, an increased number of people are resorting to a more holistic and natural cure for their ailments and mental discomforts. So, when it comes to PTSD, people are opting in for CBD or marijuana to resolve it. The question is whether it works.

Based on the Frontiers in Neuroscience, PTSD happens to be a long-lasting mental condition that people might have after witnessing a traumatic event. It’s believed that close to 10% of people will witness PTSD in their lives at some point. It makes some people develop sleep issues. Other experience anxiety, depression and relive the event again and again. Even though there are many treatments available for PTSD, today, there is a buzz that CBD or marijuana can help manage the symptoms. That’s why people with PTSD often search for online weed service providers.

However, here in this article, we will focus on the connection between PTSD and CBD. We will also throw light on the best forms of CBD for this purpose.

Is CBD effective for treating PTSD?

A review in 2019 on synthetic cannabinoids, medical cannabis, and PTSD discovered that CBD might be helpful. But scientists are still required to conduct more research to get into the therapeutic users of CBD and understand its safety and efficiency.

According to research, consuming CBD instantly after any traumatic event can make it challenging for the brain to create memories that might develop later and create PTSD symptoms. Another study in 2016 highlighted that drug responding to the endocannabinoid system could bring down the symptoms which a person with PTSD witnesses after any memory annihilation process. The endocannabinoid system, which comprises the CBD receptors, can impact memory and anxiety, which play an important role in PTSD.

Aversive memory annihilation is a therapy procedure where a person under a therapist’s guidance witnesses similar situations that result in PTSD symptoms, where there are no traumatic stimuli. Today, researchers still don’t know why CBD can work as a PTSD treatment. It might be possible that CBD can impact the hippocampus and the amygdala in the brain, which leads to the treatment.

The best types of CBD for treating PTSD?

There have been various studies that used different kinds of CBD when researching whether CBD can be an effective treatment option for PTSD. There have been few studies that made use of topical CBD, such as oils. On the other hand, few studies made use of edible CBD.

  • A 2019 study highlighted that people who have PTSD consumed CBD capsules along with conventional counseling and found that their symptoms reduced.
  • A 2016 study found that applying CBD oil on the skin could effectively treat sleeping issues and anxiety in a child with PTSD.
  • A 2018 medical literature review highlights that a combination of CBD and THC might help treat PTSD symptoms.

These are some of the evidence and justifications as to how CBD can help with PTSD treatment. If you want to use CBD to relieve your PTSD symptoms, it’s best to take a medical consultation.