11 Things Musicians Love to Hear from Family, Friends, and Fans

It is interesting how human beings are. Not only the musicians, but all of us also desire to hear kind words for things we have done. Appreciation of what we do is key to our progress. Generally, it is believed that if you get many kind words on something you have done, you have done it the right way. It is very motivating, and these are the things musicians love to hear:

1. I Have Never Attended a Show Like That

Playing the best show is good. However, when you hear a fan saying that show was the best they have attended, you feel like dancing on stage.

2. When are you Performing in my Town?

Going to perform in an unfamiliar town can be a little bit nervous. Most people are strangers to you, and the show must be excellent. However, when you hear people are interested in bringing your show to their home towns, you feel good. Do not ignore those questions; let your fans know you will and make sure you do it.

3. I want to be Famous Like You

You will feel yes, have made it to the limelight when someone tells you these words. However, it is good not to be overly excited at such moments. Yes, it feels good, but stay calm and appreciate your fans for helping you make it.

4. Am Better Today Because of Your Music

When you hear lives have been transformed because of your music, you will feel good. You remember that it is because of some other musician who inspired you that you there. The more significant impact you can make as a musician is to change people’s lives. It is eternally rewarding.

5. When are You are Releasing the Next Album?

It is always beautiful to know that your fans are waiting for your next song. It pushes you to do better. If your music has featured in Pound of Music or other famous music charts, you can request your fans to check it out. You may want to check this out. 

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6. You Inspire Me

Somebody inspired you to be where you are. When you learn that your fans are also inspired by your songs, the feeling is fantastic.  Moreover, this is the best way to give back to society.

7. We are Paying You to Play a Show

Who doesn’t get excited when they hear they are going to be paid to perform? Every musician loves to be paid for what they have done. It means people don’t take you for granted. They value your songs and appreciate your time.

8. There is no limit for you

Commonly, your mom will be the first to tell you nothing can limit you, go for what you want. Maybe this is because a mother will always want to encourage their children. But when it comes from somebody you are not related to and who is even a stranger to you but has been following your music, you feel you have a big head.

9. I Love the Way you Sing

These, too, are words that charm a singer. It improves most singers’ confidence and self-esteem to know that someone loves the way they sing. Remember, being a singer, you have to be very vulnerable. Words that build you other than destroy you are of great importance for your course.

10. I Will Listen to Your Songs Until my Last Breath

Words like this mean you as a musician has created a lasting impact. Imagine somebody desiring to listen to your songs till they breathe their last? It is a great achievement. Maintain the kind of songs you sing to ensure such fans stick to you as they say.

11. What is Your Label?

Record deal prospects excite musicians and songwriters. Irrespective of who it comes from, a famous person in a particular field, or a local fan, it is uplifting to know you sound and look professional to be in a specific category of musicians.  Be sure to learn more about recording label agreements.


Now you know what your favorite musicians love to hear from you. They have become your favorite musicians because you like their songs and how they sing and perform. So why not give back to them by saying these words they would love to hear. It is cost-free to do so.