Affordable Yet Powerful Chainsaws For Homeowners & Handymen

The use of a chainsaw in trained hands can save hours of labor as a good chainsaw will slice through wood and other thick materials like a knife through hot butter. But what makes a great chainsaw

With so much competition out there you are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting a chainsaw. Prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size, features, and power of the model in question. 

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For most homeowners, owning a chainsaw can be especially beneficial, especially, if they own a large backyard with lots of trees. A chainsaw makes light work of trimming branches and taking down smaller trees if needed. It can also be used for a host of other purposes depending on the type of chainsaw you intend to buy.

Types Of Chainsaws

Chainsaws come in various types; gas-powered chainsaws, corded-electric chainsaws, cordless electric chainsaws, and electric loppers. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks and is intended for different purposes like the type of sawing you intend to take on and the space of your work area.  We have collated a list of the best cordless chainsaws at

Final Verdict

Depending on your usage each type of chainsaw as seen above has its own set of pros and cons. If you need a chainsaw for light tree-trimming you have plenty of options to choose from that are affordable and effective.

Heavy-duty chainsaws can cost upwards of $1000 but an average homeowner has no need for such an expensive and powerful tool. There are lots of models out there that have more than enough power for your desired sawing needs and cost a lot less. Check out these  best chainsaws under 300.

Corded & Cordless Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are a lot quieter and easier to use than traditional gas-powered models. They also tend to be a lot more affordable and weigh a lot less. With a starter switch they also a million times easier to start and don’t require regular maintenance and upkeep. However, they are less heavy duty with slower sawing speeds.

A cordless electric chainsaw has the added advantage of running on a battery meaning you don’t need a power outlet to get it going. These are great if portability is of prime importance but once again these lack in power and also tend to cost a lot more.

Electric Loopers

If chainsaws are a little too scary for your liking you can always opt for an electric looper. These are a lot safer than traditional chainsaws as the business end of the cutting blade is two feet away from where you are holding the saw from with the added security of a pair of safety jaws.

Gas-Powered Chainsaws

If power is of prime importance than nothing beats a good old-fashioned gas-powered chainsaw. These tend to cut through thick wood quickly and smoothly as compared to other chainsaw types. 

However, they do have some disadvantages. They tend to be a lot heavier and noisier than electric chainsaws and also require regular maintenance. Yanking on the starter cord can also be a tiring process and the cord of cheaper models is more susceptible to breaking or snapping making a gas-powered chainsaw tough to own, maintain and use.