A Kabaddi Player Who Became an Inspector and Coach

Many of the players are there who chose to serve the country after changing the direction from sport to service. Anoop Kumar is one such player. He is currently working as an inspector in Haryana. These days he is on duty to patrol on the Delhi Gurgaon Road at night.

Before this, he served the country as a brilliant player of kabaddi. He has been the coach of the Puneri Paltan in the Pro kabaddi league. At present, he is giving his service to the country in the form of securing safety for the people against the pandemic.

These days, the whole country is going through the curse of pandemic and lockdown. During these tough phases of life, he is setting an example to not just the other co-players and juniors but also to the whole country by giving his valuable service as an inspector of Haryana.

According to watchkabaddi.com, he recently shared one pic of him on his Instagram account. In the pic, he was wearing the khaki costume of the police. Along with the pic he also put a message there. In the message be told “Hi friends! This is what I have been doing these days during nights, here in Gurgaon – Delhi region. It feels good to keep my beloved country safe during these troubled times.”

These words really matter to everyone. It does not just show the feeling of love for the country but it also shows the courage of a countryman who is serving his country in such touch time, when nobody can be forced to serve the country, and in this time, anyone can get affected with the COVID 19 virus and could risk his life. He really deserves the love and respect from all the country people.

In his posted pic, he was wearing all the required outfits to protect the country and himself as well as this time, you can keep someone safe only when you will be safe from the pandemic. That is why he was having the mask also on his face while clicking the pic for the post. In the same post, he also gives some suggestions to the people. In that message, he said ” Stay safe, have good nutrition & engage in at least 20 minutes of exercise! That will help you in being bright during the lockdown.”

There are some other players also who got the chance to serve their country in the khaki-colored costume also. One such player is Ajay Thakur. In the pro kabaddi league, he played from the side of Tamil Thalaivaa. He mainly belongs to Himachal Pradesh. He also joined the service to serve his country. In Himachal Pradesh, he is at the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police. Such players really deserve not just love and awards but respect also. The work they are doing now is not as much easy as it seems to be in this very tough situation of the pandemic. Great they all are!