Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior

The Young Samurai Series is a series of novels by Chris Bradford.    The series is a historically based novel based on 17th century japan.  The Way of the Warrior is the first in the series released in 2008.

  1. Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior (2008)
  2. Young Samurai: The Way of the Sword (2009)
  3. Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon (2010)
  4. Young Samurai: The Ring of Earth (2010)
  5. Young Samurai: The Ring of Water (2011)
  6. Young Samurai: The Ring of Fire (2011)
  7. Young Samurai: The Ring of Wind (March 2012)
  8. Young Samurai: The Ring of Sky (August 2012)
  9. Young Samurai: The Way of Fire [ebook]

The Young Warrior is considered one of its publishers (Puffin Books) best books ever which is high praise considering that includes such classics as Treasure Island and Robin Hood among others.  Eventually the rights to it were sold to Disney and it has been translated into over 20 languages.

The Plot

This book is about an English boy named Jack Fletcher who, after an attack on his father’s ship, has washed up on the shores of Japan in the 1100s. He gets trained as a samurai in order to get revenge on the ninja, Dragon Eye, for killing his father. The reader follows Jack’s journey as he faces the challenges, adventures and eventual triumph as he seeks to become the first gaijin (foreigner) samurai.

During his training and journey, Jack has to face the hardships of being treated as an outsider by almost everyone and facing attacks from Dragon Eye himself. The only way to survive is to learn Bushido also known as The Way of the Warrior. This is the first book in the series and leaves the reader wanting more at the end.

About the book and its author, Chris Bradford

Young Samurai: The Way of the Warrior is written by British author Chris Bradford, who is also a musician and songwriter. He is black-belter martial artist as well who has mastered Judo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Aikido, Taijutsu and others (so if you think of messing up with him you’d have to think twice!). Bradford followed The Way of the Warrior (2008) with sequels in his Young Samurai series: The Way of the Sword (2009), The Way of the Dragon (2010) and The Ring of Earth (2010).

These wonderful books of historical fiction is primarily aimed for kids and young adults alike (especially to adolescent boys), but its appeal will definitely attract reluctant readers of all ages, races and genders especially as to how a young blond foreigner stands up to not just one big enemy (the ninja Dragon Eye) but also prejudice from the Japanese. In the end he overcomes the tauntings, hate and jealousy as well as earns respect from those around him. The book will also appeal to avid fans of Japanese culture.

Needless to say, The Way of the Warrior (as well as other books in the Young Samurai saga) is action-packed. Those who love those exciting action scenes will definitely find reading this book as something that they can’t put down, even if they are not that keen about Japanese culture.

The Young Samurai series have been translated into many other languages. A film and TV adaptation based on the book series has also been in the works.

Aside from the Young Samurai series, Bradford also launched a new series titled Bodyguard: Hostage which first appeared in 2013. Other Bodyguard books have been planned as of this writing.