Why Play at Vera and John Casino?

There are many casino lovers that are moving from exclusively playing in land-based casinos to trying out online casinos. Their transition to playing in online casinos is mainly attributed to the fact that casino websites allow them to play their favorite casino games at the comfort of their home without worrying about the distance and the traffic they need to endure just to go to their usual land-based casino spot. On the internet, there are actually thousands of online casinos that people can pick, but there are some that are considered to be better than the others, and one of the better online casinos is Vera and John. Here are several reasons why Vera and John is regarded as a better online casino than most of the casino websites you will find on the web.

Convenient and Easy to Play In

One of the biggest reasons why Vera and John remains popular among online casino enthusiasts is its convenience and ease of use, which become much more apparent once you compare Vera and John to other online casino websites. The beginner-friendly UI (user interface) is what makes the website’s convenience possible, as players would be able to navigate around the website with ease and quickness. There also wouldn’t be any slowdowns while you are browsing through Vera and John, thanks to its neat website design and theme that just makes everything load fast while also being simpler in appearance.

If you have a relatively stable and fast internet connection, you wouldn’t be lagging while playing on the website since it is designed to keep the games running as smoothly as possible, unlike in other online casinos where you may experience lags or glitches from time to time. The live casino section of Vera and John is also fun and convenient to play because of the beginner-friendly UI that enables you to play games without distractions from pop-up menus or unnecessary notifications.

Expansive Games Library

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When you first visit the homepage of Vera and John Casino, you will already be greeted with their expansive library of games, which contains more than 1900 legitimate casino games that you can enjoy. In addition, looking for the game you want to play is easy to do on the website, as it has an integrated search bar on its games library that lets you find specific games and gameplay mechanics. Make sure to follow the latest online casino news for Vera and John to know the latest games they release.

The library of games in Vera and John includes not only classic casino games that you may usually find in land-based casinos but also unique games that have quirky gameplay mechanics to keep your casino-playing experience fresh and exciting. So, if you are getting bored of playing the usual casino games, you can try out the weird and crazy games at Vera and John to spice up your playing day.

Provides Plenty of Bonuses and Rewards

Most trusted online casinos normally give out a lot of bonuses and rewards to their players in order to entice them to keep playing casino games, but Vera and John has an advantage over them in terms of bonuses, and the popular online casino offers more bonuses and rewards than the average. There are many ways or methods that you can do to get bonuses on Vera and John, and these methods are actually quite easy to do. 

The easiest bonus you can get on the website is the Welcome Bonus, which is rewarded to players that have recently created an account and logged in for the first time on the online casino. The second easiest to get is the Deposit Bonus that is given after a player tops up money from his or her digital wallet. In addition to bonuses, Vera and John also has a loyalty program where you will be given a chance to get more rewards if you keep playing in the online casino for months and years. There are seven levels to Vera and John’s loyalty program, so you would need to play on their website exclusively to raise your loyalty level.

Hosts Tournaments and Promotions

Aside from bonuses and rewards, Vera and John also provide tournaments and promotions to make regular casino games much more exciting to play for players. In these tournaments, you will be given a chance to play with some of the best players on the website, which are playing around the world. If you ranked high enough in the tournaments, your name would be included in the leaderboards, which can serve as bragging rights to your casino-loving friends or family members.

In terms of promotions, Vera and John would often reward players for playing certain games during certain days or weeks. These promotions usually give out more bonuses, so be on the lookout for the latest promotions on Vera and John once you have created an account on the website.

Fully Licensed and Regulated

The most important advantage that Vera and John has over most online casinos on the web is that it is fully licensed and regulated by a legitimate gaming authority, and for Vera and John’s case, the website is given a license by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). If you want to be sure that Vera and John has a license, you can look for it at the bottom plugin of the homepage, which indicates that the casino is authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority, or you can just look for online casino news articles about the legitimacy of Vera and John.

Besides its license, Vera and John Casino also has a fully protected system that provides safety for your personal information. Once you have created an account on Vera and John, the personal information you used to create that account will be protected by the website’s database and system. So, playing at Vera and John is 100% safe since their games are regulated, and their website has protection against data breaches.