3 reasons you should join a whiskey of the month club for special deals and perks

There is always something new and fascinating to learn in the spirits world since it is ever-changing and evolving. Finding the alcoholic drink that works for your palette and taste buds is crucial to buying high-quality drinks from high-end brands that use only the finest ingredients.

If you like to use your time to find new drinks that will suit your fancy, discover new brands you have never tried, or need some guidance on what you may like, joining a group can help direct you.

3 benefits of a whiskey of the month club

If you are fascinated by the world of whiskey but don’t know where to start, join ina whiskey of the month club, see more about it, that can help broaden your horizons and get you more comfortable with the whiskey world. Serious whiskey drinkers enjoy tasting hundreds of whiskeys and noticing the slight nuances between them, finding their ideal glass after trial and error.

You want to try what’s new

If you like whiskey but don’t know how to find new whiskeys that will suit your palette, joining a whiskey of the month club helps guide you to new purchases and new glasses. If you want to investigate what’s new or extremely old and no longer in stores, – a whiskey club can help guide you in the right direction.

Avoid going to the store

Along with helping you choose new brands, a whiskey of the month club helps prevent you from needing to run to the store every other day to buy a new bottle of whiskey. Since stores are becoming more and more crowded, a whiskey club can help send you whiskey online to prevent standing in line and paying premium prices.

Find the best whiskey for you

Although you may think you are a seasoned whiskey drinker, this is rarely the case if you have only tried a dozen or fewer whiskeys in your life. To really understand the subtle differences between brands and types of whiskeys, you need to go through trial and error to see what whiskey you enjoy the most.

A whiskey of the month club can see what whiskeys you liked, which ones you rated highly, and which ones you did not enjoy. By keeping tabs on your favourite glasses, whiskey types, and brands, the whiskey of the month can cater their suggestions and choices to your specific palette. Instead of browsing the shelves and scrolling online for hours, the whiskey of the month club researches, so you don’t have to – and you can just focus on the tasting process.


Anyone who is eager to become a whiskey drinker but doesn’t know where to start, joining a whiskey of the month club is the first place to begin. There are no downsides to joining the club, as it will only help you find new products, discover new brands, and expand your taste palette to tell the subtle differences between various glasses and types of whiskeys.