Why Celebrities are Cashing in on the Cannabis and Seed Industry

In recent years it seems like there has been a long list of celebrities that have stepped out of their marijuana closet to sell some cannabis products. Despite the long and storied historical use of medicinal cannabis in ancient civilizations across the world, a negative stigma developed around the plant in the 20th century which saw it made illegal in many countries across the world. In recent decades, with the help of research by many medical experts and scientists, the west has increasingly learned and embraced the numerous medical and economic benefits legal marijuana can provide. Although the stigma still exists, it is nothing like it was in the past.

Nowadays, people from all different walks of life use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. It’s not surprising to hear of someone’s grandmother using cannabis to help them with their arthritis, or for a writer to use it for inspiration.

Weed laws are changing very quickly in the United States and around the world. Nowadays, there are 11 states that marijuana is legal for recreational use, and 35 states allowing people to use marijuana for medical purposes. Across the globe, there are some countries decriminalizing cannabis laws and others that have legalized it completely. It’s no wonder so many celebrities want a piece of the cannabis-laced pie!

Why are Cannabis Companies getting involved with Celebrities?

Just like any other product for sale, celebrities can help market it. Often cannabis products are the same from store to store, so to help them stand out on the shelf, many companies put a well-known celebrity’s name on the packaging.

These companies don’t just pick random celebrities to help them advertise what they have for sale. They tend to use people that are famous in the marijuana industry already. People like Snoop Dogg, a legend in both the rap community and the marijuana community, is a perfect example. It seems Snoop has put his signature on every cannabis product imaginable including the following:

  • Cannabis Vape Pens
  • Grinders
  • Rolling Paper
  • Rouches
  • Rolling tins

By using a powerful and well-known name like Snoop Dogg on cannabis-related products helps add value. Consumers should expect to spend more on marijuana products when they are in business with top-shot celebrities.

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Being Pro-Cannabis can Help Boost a Celebrities Persona

In the past, very few people, apart from a small selection of celebrities and hippies, were known to be pro-cannabis. Times have changed in recent years as it seems like almost every famous person on the planet admits to smoking weed at some stage in their lives. Even Barack Obama and Bill Clinton both admit to using pot in their younger days.

Lots of celebrities use their admiration for the plant to help boost their careers. Due to the popularity of marijuana, lots of stoner movies are being made nowadays. Movies like Pineapple Express, Half Baked, and Super Troopers are cult classics in the cannabis community. Actors that have associated themselves with marijuana often get asked to play a part in these films.

Whoopi Goldberg

For some of us, Whoopie Goldberg has been on our television screens for our entire life. The multi-talented singer, actress, standup comedian, and talk show host is a major advocate for marijuana.

She loves cannabis so much that the Sister Act super star co-founded Whoopi and Maya which is a San Francisco-based cannabis edibles company. The all-female-run business provides customers with delicious cannabis-infused edibles to help people suffering from pain.

Pain relief is one of the main reasons why the cannabis industry is booming. However, not everybody enjoys the sensation of smoking weed. Many find it harsh on their throat and difficult to inhale, so ingesting marijuana is an easier option. People cook all types of food now, even high-class dishes with cannabis.

The marijuana industry is an extremely diverse industry, and Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth’s edibles company is one of the first feminist well-known cannabis companies out there.

Damien Marley

Bob Marley is arguably one of the most famous musicians of all time. However, he is not just famous for his amazing reggae tracks! Bob Marley is possibly the world’s biggest cannabis icon in history and the apple didn’t fall far from the marijuana tree either. One of Bob Marley’s sons, Damien followed in his father’s footsteps.

Not only did Damien release plenty of hit songs, including “Welcome to Jamrock” but he also is proud of his cannabis habit. So much so, that he recently converted a former California prison into a huge cannabis farm! Marley joined cannabis giants Ocean Grown Extracts in converting this enormous prison into a pot farm in the hope to sell their products to dispensaries. The facility itself cost Marley and his partners $4.1 million dollars.

Mike Tyson

What Bob Marley is to reggae music, “Iron” Mike Tyson is the same to boxing. The former world champion is one of the greatest and well-known boxers the world has ever seen. Tyson, just like many people around the globe used cannabis for a long time to help him manage pain. However, he decided instead of just smoking it, he would invest a fortune into creating his own marijuana empire.

The former heavyweight champion boxer has created a company known worldwide which is called Tyson Holistic Holdings who sell hemp-infused products. However, the thing that really sticks out is Tyson’s very own cannabis ranch known as Tyson Ranch. This huge, 420-acre property is located in the stunning Palm Springs, California. The ranch will include the following:

  • A wave pool
  • A Cannabis University
  • Top class Glamping facilities
  • The Largest lazy river on the planet
  • An enormous wave pool

Tyson claims that after his retirement from boxing he had two surgeries that left him in bad shape. He was constantly feeling pain and tired, and his mental state was in a bad way. Once an expert advised him to try marijuana which he said was exactly what he needed and has never looked back since. Tyson also sells marijuana that was grown on his ranch from his website. You can also purchase Tyson Rach t-shirts and cannabis-related products too.