How to promote your business to German consumers

Is your business looking to increase global collaborations? If so, you should definitely consider expanding your company into the German market.

Germany is a powerful nation in Europe with a GDP of more than €3 trillion. It has the fourth largest economy in the world (after the United States, China and Japan) and is a popular trading option for UK-based businesses. Yet despite this, it’s not very difficult to start or expand a business in this country, and the scope for entrepreneurs and well-established business owners is huge.

Here we look at the best way to tap into the lucrative German market and explain how a toll-free number in Germany can give your business the competitive edge.

How to promote your products and services in Germany

1. Consider your target audience

Every country has it’s own attitudes, traditions and cultures, so it’s only right that you adapt your products and services to ensure that they suit your customers’ needs and wants. Always make sure that you carefully conduct your market research. Find out what’s hot in Germany at the moment and what potential clients are searching for. Can you offer a more affordable alternative or build something bigger and better?

2. Work with a German marketing agency

Of course, to ensure you’re really targeting the right audience, you could always cheat and team up with a marketing firm in Germany? Let’s face it – if you don’t speak the language or have the skills and tools needed to find the right keywords or build links on German websites – then you’re going to struggle. At least this way, you can benefit from a marketing expert who, knows a lot about your target audience and, can help you to send out the right message.

3. Set up a toll-free number

To simplify the process of transitioning into the German market, without having a physical base overseas, it’s worth getting a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers in Germany are widely recognised as ‘free to call’ for those in that country whilst the recipient covers all costs. This means, if they need to speak to a member of staff about an order or for more information about a product or service, they can call your office (wherever it may be) without incurring an expensive telephone bill. As a result of this, you can really drum up sales and ensure the satisfaction of new and existing clients.

Get a toll-free number in Germany today

Toll free numbers in Germany were once reserved for larger firms that had a much bigger budget to play with. But the reality is, these numbers are an asset for all businesses today – even small businesses and budding entrepreneurs – and there are plenty of providers offering highly competitive tariffs.

If you’re serious about trading in Germany and promoting your products and services to consumers overseas, G-Tele can help. They are a leading provider of toll free numbers in Germany, and their friendly team is always on hand to share their knowledge and offer suggestions to suit your business needs.