When to Call Pest Control for your Midway Utah Home

Pests are not only hazardous but also harbor disease-causing pathogens that they transmit from one area of your house to another. Pests, such as roaches and flies, spend most of their time on dumpsites, making them spreaders of contaminants such as Salmonella and E. coli.

Some people call pest control when they see a venomous insect or when their home remedies have failed. However, pests such as ants cause damage in the millions since they destroy property without being noticed. They are mostly discovered when it’s too late. Below we explore seven key signs that indicate you need to call pest control immediately. View here to learn more about rodents create nests in your home.

You Sight the Pests

Unlike bedbugs, which operate at night and are difficult to spot, it is easy to see other pests. Rats freely roam, while cockroaches come out at night in large numbers. Mosquitoes make noise that is difficult to ignore. Whenever you see one, there’s a likelihood there are more nearby. You will see some pests such as ants when there’s a large infestation, which forces some to fall off the nest due to the large numbers.

You Have Bites and Itches

If you have unexplained itches and bites on your body, you may be harboring pests such as bed bugs and mosquitos. Bed Bugs suck blood when you are asleep and hide in cracks and crevices. This makes it difficult to spot them. Find professional pest control Midway Utah services; they can be exterminated from your household within a day.

Unusual Droppings and Smell of Urine

Most pests will excrete on different surfaces such as the floor, furniture, or even on your clothes. This is one of the key signs that pests have invaded your home. You can determine the type of pest depending on the size of the droppings. Small pests have tiny dark droppings, while bigger ones such as rodents have bigger droppings.

Blood Stains and Smears

Bed Bugs leave a trail of bloodstains on fabrics such as bedsheets and towels. They feed on human blood, and this makes it easy to detect their presence in a specific place. Other pests leave brown stains, part of which comes from droppings and dirt. Pests, such as houseflies, spend a lot of time in dumpsites and carry the dirt wherever they go.

Damage to Furniture and Fabric

Termites can damage your furniture and parts of the house in a very short time. Rats and cockroaches, on the other hand, damage your fabric mostly by poking holes. Whenever you experience such damage, you need to invite pest control immediately. On the other hand, ants and termites are known to cause damages that are worth millions of dollars since they are difficult to detect. This is the key reason why you should have pest control inspections often to catch such pests in the initial stages before the damage is too extensive.

Unpleasant Smell

If there’s a strange pungent smell in your house, you need to call pest control immediately. Rats particularly have this pungent, unpleasant smell from urine. Pests such as rodents create nests in your house, especially under the seats. Here you will find droppings, urine, rotten food crumbs, and dead pests. The smell of a dead, decaying animal is a sure sign there could be more in the vicinity.

Unusual Sounds and Scratching

Some pests such as mosquitoes and rats have a unique sound that can easily be pointed out. Others such as carpenter ants and termites may not make a distinctive sound. However, you may hear rustling sounds coming from inside the walls as they destroy your property.

Whenever you find the above signs, it’s time to call pest control since you do not know the extent of damage the pests may be causing.