Drawing Flowers in Procreate: A Helpful Hint for Beautiful Florals

I find drawing flowers to be one of my most favorite subjects. No matter what kind of flower I create or whether I create them in color or black and white, I always enjoy.

Is it possible to do a good floral drawing? Depth and realism are created by composition, placement, and contrast. When it comes to flowers in particular, I believe the single most important factor is the artist’s ability to create realistic looking edges.

Flowers have many edges due to the overlap of the petals and leaves. The edges of all the surfaces should be convincing.  In today’s world, drawing flowers with Procreate is so easy that you will want to smell your iPad after you learn how to draw flowers in Procreate flowers so realistically.

Here’s a helpful tip to help you draw flowers more easily. Keep this in mind when you draw anything

A preliminary sketch is composed of lines. It’s the foundation of your piece upon which you build your rendering. The lines need to be turned into edges, so it doesn’t look outlined like a cartoon. In order to do this, remember that a line is simply a separation between surfaces. It indicates that the surfaces are either touching or overlapping; based on the line you drew. If you want the line you drew to become an edge, it’s fairly simple:

Look for the five elements of shading in your reference. Using this method, you can see where the light source is and where the cast shadows are.

As a second step, identify the surfaces in your reference that are dark and those that are light.

Studying your edges is important, especially since they are subject to change. On one flower petal, you can see one edge that is light against dark then suddenly turns dark over light. Observe edges carefully, or you may miss certain important tonal changes.

It sounds difficult, but practice makes perfect. Soon, you’ll be able to analyze every line drawn automatically. Take a look at my examples here and notice the beauty of the edges. Draw flowers and you will be happy too!

Wouldn’t it be great if you learned botanical art?

Flowered motifs, leaves, and other botanical motifs are naturally beautiful and often catch the attention of people. You can find botanical designs all over. Any design can benefit from flowers, whether it is clothing, textiles, interior design, or even social media content.

If painted beautifully, a flower can stand alone as a work of art or fill the background of another main motif. It is as versatile as it is beautiful to look at, and they are often used in every area of graphic design. If you are considering adding botanical art to your portfolio, you may be able to get some amazing clients.

To master your skills, the Procreate flower drawing course would be extremely useful. You will master your skills, learn how to color correctly, select the right brushes, and capture the details.